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What I know

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gonogo1 posted 2/6/2014 06:41 AM

1.NC is the single most important thing a Wayward
must do to repair the relationship
-, it has to be done freely , your relationship with wayward nor MC cannot continue if there is still contact with AP. Go NC if this is the case .

2. IC is important for both parties

3.Limit who you talk to about the A

4.All the texting, emailing to try to control your partners
behaviour is useless .Stop it . Do the 180. . ...If you love someone set them free ... Set yourself free . ..if it's meant to be , it's in God's hands .If he or she wants you back they will indicate it.Will you want him/her back.

5.TELL your partner your clear expectation for R then let
It go. You cannot control another person's behaviour .
6.Out the A
6. Seek C for yourself
7. Do not expect support fr his/her family
7. Look after yourself , attempt to deal wisely
with your new circumstances. Try not to dwell
On the why's ... Or how to change this cannot .Out of
your hands .You can only change you .
8. Do not look for others to Repair you or make
You happy . You are solely responsible for that .
9. Happiness is not finding a new SO immediately
after this fiasco, it's finding yourself , repairing you .
10.You have unimaginable strength , you can survive
the pain , the broken heart . Repair you the only person you can control .

LoveHerStill posted 2/6/2014 07:07 AM

In a nutshell, perfect advise.

I have had to learn much of this the hard way, through trial and error and because I thought I either knew better or I was just in denial about the reality of it all.

If I would have seen this 4 years ago and followed it, I would have healed much quicker.

This should go in the healing library!

Excellent post!

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