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I hate this...HB issue

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ladycody posted 2/6/2014 20:00 PM WH swears that I am who he wants to be with...that he''s always loved me and is an idiot...that he is stressed about needing to find a job...that he feels like a shit and not sexy or deserving...that I turn him on but that he just feels like he doesnt even deserve to approach me romantically.........even though I told him that right now I need and want him to need and want me. (yeah...HB but one-sided apparently...which makes me feel even more pathetic than this whole episode does in the first place.) I''m not letting him know that I crave contact at this point...but I do...and I think I''ve made it clear that I need it from him but still am not getting it. And it PISSES ME OFF that he''s been told what I need and isn''t making a point of meeting that need.
K...I feel better (not really)

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Justgreatnews posted 2/6/2014 20:15 PM

Hmmm. He needs a job? He cheats on you?

Obviously I don't know a whole lot about your situation, but those couple of factors are pretty unnerving.

Real men provide, protect and are faithful.

ladycody posted 2/6/2014 20:32 PM

Job loss was a delayed result of A. He has been actively looking since the minute he was let has been on top of THAT aspect of working at keeping us alive.

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ladycody posted 2/6/2014 20:35 PM

And who here has a spouse that hasn't cheated on them? (confused)

AFrayedKnot posted 2/6/2014 20:43 PM

Communicate Communicate Communicate

A couple weeks after Dday as we were going to bed I laied out all my wants and needs physically. It was the conversation that really started breaking down the walls between us.

My esteem was so destroyed I figured I had nothing left to lose. Plus I figured if she was going to let someone else have some I was sure as hell going to get mine.

Showing my own vulnerability helped her become more vulnerable too.

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