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Appalachian Trail Party

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Lucky2HaveMe posted 2/7/2014 10:58 AM

Our son is leaving Mar 25 to hike the trail from Georgia to Maine. We are having a going away party for him.

My H thought it would be *fun* to have food representing each state he will travel through.

So, my friends, what is the *food* most associated with the states below?

North Carolina
W Virginia
New Jersey
New York (got that covered since we are here)
New Hampshire

I was just going to throw out some trail mix and say have at it!

Tred posted 2/7/2014 11:00 AM

Virginia is the home of Smithfield Hams...Maryland is Blue Crab.

Pentup posted 2/7/2014 11:08 AM


Pentup posted 2/7/2014 11:11 AM

NJ Taylor Ham on a hard roll
Pennsylvania. Maybe some sort of Amish dessert (shoo fly pie?)
Georgia something with peanuts
Vermont something maple

This would be a fun party to plan!

Admire this hiking as well. If I do not abhor camping, I would want to so it.

Dreamboat posted 2/7/2014 11:26 AM

GA: Peaches, Peanuts, or Vidalia Onions (not just any onion, Vidalia!)

Maine: Lobster!

Maryland: Soft shell crab or crab cakes

PA: Philly cheese steak

HeartStings posted 2/7/2014 15:07 PM

Mass: Boston baked beans
Boston cream pie

Pentup posted 2/7/2014 15:21 PM

Smithfield hams are owned by a Chinese company now.

A Virginia baked ham or country ham would work.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 2/7/2014 15:27 PM

Oh I am going to have to get creative... Like Virginia baked ham on a NJ hard roll... or invite an army to eat all this food! LOL

Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!

Sad in AZ posted 2/7/2014 15:56 PM

There was a magazine issue around the holidays that had food gifts from all 50 statesmaybe it was Food Network? I'm not sure.

You might try googling it for ideas.

As for combinations, something like maple syrup (VT) glaze on Smithfield ham (VA) on your NJ rolls?

What time should I be there?

refuz2bavictim posted 2/7/2014 16:05 PM

I passed a major crossing on the trail every morning on my way to work. I always had to watch carefully because that crossing isn't marked well, and it is a busy rural road.
By the time hikers get to PA (heading north) they are looking a little scruffy to say the least!

One of the local favorites that someone never fails to bring to a potluck are some "whoopie pies".

I had never seen or had one, before then. If the whoopie pie doesn't look appealing, I'd do a search for Pennsylvania dutch recipes. That will definitely give you plenty of great dishes to choose from and it will represent the area well.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 2/7/2014 16:52 PM

Whoopie Pies sound great! We used to call 'em scooter pies when I was in elementary school.

And he is coming back a week in June for his sister's wedding - to say she is *worried* about what he will look like is an understatement!

AFrayedKnot posted 2/7/2014 17:29 PM

T/j. Hey lucky
My brother just did the whole trail last year. And he lives right near you. If your son has any question or needs any tips let me know.
End t/j

Lucky2HaveMe posted 2/7/2014 19:33 PM

Chico! PM coming!

Or not - your PM's are full

Every time I hit my return key it duplicated the face! And now it's doing it with the one. Anyhow, let me know his name/fb/contact info whatever and I will pass on to him. He has been researching etc for a long time - heck he may already know him!

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gardenparty posted 2/7/2014 19:47 PM

This trail actually goes all the way to the north of Newfoundland. I was on the board of directors for part of it a few years back.

simplydevastated posted 2/7/2014 19:54 PM

Mmmmmmm...Boston cream pie.

Don't forget New England Clam Chowder (or chowdah, depending on what part of MA you're from )

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FindMyselfAgain posted 2/7/2014 20:47 PM

Not food, but...

Jack Daniels whiskey is probably the most popular export of TN.

positively4thst posted 2/7/2014 20:55 PM

New Hampsha!!

Maple syrup!!

completeshock posted 2/7/2014 21:30 PM

Georgia - peach cobbler, peach bellini, something with peanuts or BRUNSWICK STEW!
North Carolina - BBQ
Tennessee - a whiskey drink or my favorite, Jack Daniels chocolate pecan pie
Virginia - salty country ham, maybe on a sandwich
W Virginia - pepperoni rolls
Maryland - crab cakes
Pennsylvania - scrapple, shoofly pie, birch beer, something with egg noodles, cheesesteak
New Jersey - saltwater taffy, I've had great Cuban food in NJ
New York (got that covered since we are here) Native NYer here too! Chicken wings, pizza, bagels, hot dogs, knishes, apple anything... I love NY for food
Connecticut - when I lived in CT, ham and bean dinners were popular - I was not a fan!
Massachusetts - clam chowder, roast beef sandwiches, baked beans
Vermont - Ben and Jerry's ice cream, maple syrup, great craft beers, and I always seem to eat a lot of pancakes when I'm in VT for some reason
New Hampshire - apples, maple syrup, meat pies, poutine
Maine - lobsta! whoopie pies, anything with blueberries

I'm a huge foodie and frequent traveler of the east coast. This thread has got me hungry!

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Dreamboat posted 2/8/2014 00:26 AM

Reading all of the replies, all I can say is YUM!! When and where is the party??

Gottagetthrough posted 2/8/2014 07:01 AM

Please keep us posted on the trip! H and I read the book about the App. Trail (a walk in the woods) and I've wanted to do it myself ever since! :-)

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