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Selfish or Broken

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Undone1 posted 2/7/2014 15:14 PM

I have been thinking alot about my empathy for my fWH. When I think he was selfish, enjoyed his 3 year stint with OW, I have no empathy for him. I feel stuck in both R and healing as a result.

I know the underlying reasons he had an A, and he is remorseful and doing everything he can to be a good H. When I am able to see his brokenness, I feel more able to see his humanness and have empathy for the choice he made. But I don't stay in this place with empathy very long. Perhaps it is my sense of "fairness" that is keeping me stuck. NOthing about an A is fair.

Does anyone else have difficulty finding empathy or feel stuck?

IamDyingInside posted 2/7/2014 16:16 PM

Touche'! I am having a hard time with this as well but I am very early in my pain, emotions, thought processes about it all. I am just getting to where I can read a book on healing myself from this crap sandwich that was shoved down my throat. I hope you can discover what it takes to get you through it! Sorry, not a very helpful post but wanted you to know I feel you!!

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