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Where does betrayal start

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Concused6773 posted 2/8/2014 23:11 PM

I was never a swinger and not am I but did participate a time or two. Not happy with that choice. I finally said.... I can't do this.... It's not my thing... So they knew if we hung out it wasn't going to be that activity. Well... Wife strongly encouraged me and hubby to go play and have sex. When you are drinking you go with the flow (no excuse).. Before actually sex I made him go ask again... She sys "yes.... It's fine... Go ahead" and more than once.. At this point Is this an affair????

authenticnow posted 2/9/2014 07:30 AM

Concussed, I'm not sure what you're struggling with. It seems the wife is okay with this, but you're here questioning it so, are you?

You start with 'I'm not a swinger', and then you had sex with another woman's husband, with her permission.

So...if you're comfortable with this, what's the issue? If you're uncomfortable with this lifestyle, stay away from this couple. Get new friends who aren't living this lifestyle.

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