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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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33years posted 2/9/2014 20:57 PM

OW's new business is having a ribbon cutting ceremony this week. A invitation was sent to WH's original email address that comes through our I can readily read it. I happen to be off work that morning and while WH is normally home in the morning (he leaves fir work at 1:30 pm), I have a feeling he will have some errands before work on that day. Oh how I would love to sabotage her grand opening! But, I most likely won't....although the thoughts that run through my mind are soothing! I really wouldn't care if it only affected her. Hmmmm, what's wrong with a friendly stink bomb?

million tears posted 2/10/2014 09:28 AM

So are you thinking these errands your WH had are really an excuse to go to the ceremony?

JanaGreen posted 2/10/2014 10:49 AM

So are you thinking these errands your WH had are really an excuse to go to the ceremony?

This - you guys are trying to reconcile? He didn't tell you about the ceremony?

33years posted 2/10/2014 12:31 PM

Forget the reconciling, he's just not into it. He has taken his affair underground and it is getting stronger and of course he is getting more distant. I am trying to hang in as long as I mentally can to prepare for the inevitable D. I have recorded him and his lover and it sickens me. No, he hasn't given me any excuse about needing to go somewhere the morning of the grand opening of OW business, but I'm just wondering what he will come up with....I suppose he may not go. Do I care? Yes, no.....heck I don't know. What I do know is that he's not going to change...he doesn't want too.

33years posted 2/14/2014 20:26 PM

Well, I came up with a way to put a kink in OW's life, after all she contributed to disrupting my life and it's only fair to reciprocate. The night before the big grand opening ceremony, I made a trip over to the new business location along with a carton of 18 raw eggs. The temperature outside was below freezing. I hurled the eggs covering the walkway at the front door, the front door itself and the entire front of her store. What a wonderful feeling! Here I am 58 years old and have never even TP a house as a kid. Yes, perhaps this was juvenile, but I really wanted to add some stress to her special morning I made it home and in bed before WH got home from work.
The downside is I heard on the VAR the next evening that she had identified me on surveillance camera (even wearing my hoodie ) So, I may end up facing some type of vandalism charge or fine, but it was so worth it. I really would like to have seen the look on her face when she got to work that morning and how she had to hustle to get it cleaned up before the ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30 am LOVE IT!

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