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He doesn't get it!!

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Sammy2013 posted 2/11/2014 09:11 AM

Ugh, why can't he just come here and go over to Waywards and get some 2x4's.

He moved out Saturday. Things are going ok. Actually got it yesterday and I saw some hope. Today he wanted me to go play tennis with him and I was all for it. Then I got a text from OW's husband. OW and my WH denied the affair to him after I informed him. WH played the "he's unstable and I was afraid for you and the kids" card Anyway, her BS said he is going to believe her and put his faith in his wife. Whatever, can't control what he believes. I texted my WH a pic of that and said I wasnt up for tennis.

He got all pissy with me wanting to know why I was causing this drama!! Whatever. I told him he caused this drama when he screwed with other women during our marriage.

Why cant he just see that the proper response should have been "I understand and am sorry you had to deal with that this morning and with everything else I have done."

Is it really that freaking hard?!

simplydevastated posted 2/11/2014 09:13 AM

To a logical person, it's not hard at all. I'm sorry he doesn't get it.


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