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Valentines suck!

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simplydevastated posted 2/11/2014 13:19 PM

I'm trying to help my kids out with their valentines for school. DD7 has Hello Kitty with cute little bracelets, a card and envelope. DS10 has Iron Man, an eraser, a card and envelope. We worked on them last night. Once we put the bracelets in the super thick and tight envelopes the bottoms popped open. Great! Now I'm taping the bottoms, while my daughter is trying to close them and put the cute little heart shaped sticker on them. Guess what? That cute little heart shaped sticker doesn't stick! Ugh.

Move along to DS10. He's putting the erasers in the annoyingly thick and tight envelopes and trying to put the stupid little heart shaped sticker to seal it and they won't hold either! Great!

So, being the nice mother that I am, dammit, I tell them that I'll sit at the table and glue them shut. I've just spent the passed 15 minutes working with Iron Man. I move onto Hello Kitty. Now the damn glue won't hold the stupid friggin' things shut! I have four sitting on the table now with with clothespins on them waiting for the glue to dry while another two are sitting underneath a jar candle hoping for the glue to dry.

I'm about to go outside and shovel a hole in the snow and have me a valentine bonfire. Erasers and bracelets be damned.

Stupid valentines...

Deeply Scared posted 2/11/2014 13:23 PM

You're a good mom!!

nowiknow23 posted 2/11/2014 13:26 PM


TheRealDeal posted 2/11/2014 13:49 PM


agree, envelopes that don't stay closed are so very annoying!

I've dealt with that too and now I just whip out the Scotch tape and tape 'em shut.

might not be ideal, might not be pretty, but at least those suckers stay shut!

simplydevastated posted 2/11/2014 13:55 PM

Thank you everyone.

Tape is my last resort. I'm going to check on the cards that are on the table now. If the glue didn't work on these after sitting for so long...tape it is. Or the bonfire

Jrazz posted 2/11/2014 14:03 PM

I gave up on anything having to do with glue after we were rained in for a week.

Stickers and tape. That's what DD is getting!

(We got Valentines where you stick a lollipop through a slot! Boom. Done. )


SunsetLost posted 2/11/2014 14:06 PM

I had a similiar problem with my daughter's Monster High valentines with bracelets and cards.. I used two heart stickers for each one, stuck on the left & right edged and wrapped around to the other side of the envelope.. That worked really well !

simplydevastated posted 2/11/2014 14:11 PM

I'll have to remember that trick, sunset. I just finished the rest. Taped 'em all. One is even taped AND glued. Good luck getting into that one

I'm hoping this is the last year for my son with these valentines and I have a few more years left with my daughter.

Jrazz, treat valentines are a no-no in our school system because of food allergies. There's one boy in daughter's class that is allergic to food dyes and preservatives. I feel for his mother.

nowiknow23 posted 2/11/2014 16:54 PM

Man, I do NOT miss those years. Teens are much easier as far as Valentine's Day goes.

jo2love posted 2/11/2014 17:11 PM


Stupid non-sticky stickers. Hate those.

Jrazz posted 2/11/2014 17:14 PM

Hmmm, maybe I better rethink these peanut-butter and shrimp lollipops, then...

metamorphisis posted 2/11/2014 17:29 PM

Damn and my ragweed valentines are out the window.

Kidding of course. My child decided he wanted to do valentines tonight even though it's a half day, and he won't be there. DD is 16 .. first couple of years we hand crafted beautiful valentines. Now I am at the point 10 years later where I don't even want to be bothered to go out and get them. Let's hear it for "that will do" parenting.

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Sad in AZ posted 2/11/2014 17:42 PM

Now you have to give GIFTS along with the cards??

Seriously, Valentine''s Day has to be the stupidest holiday ever invented. I vote to abolish it. And now get off my lawn!

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jrc1963 posted 2/11/2014 18:33 PM

I am soooooooooooo glad that those Valentines for everyone in class days are behind us now!

And I teach Middle School so we don't have to deal with them there either.


You are a good mom... but if I see a glow to the north, I'll know it's your bonfire!

jjct posted 2/11/2014 18:45 PM

I vote to abolish it. And now get off my lawn!

& take your creepy vday card WITH YOU!

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jjct posted 2/11/2014 18:52 PM

I'm sorry!
You mommies who are working out how to fold and sticker these little things in the face of everything else...hat's off to ya!
Didn't mean to harsh the craft vibe...

simplydevastated posted 2/11/2014 19:36 PM

You are all making me laugh I so needed that today.

NIK, not that I want to rush their childhood, but I'll be glad when there's no more valentine cards.

Stupid non-sticky stickers. Hate those.

You said it, Jo.

Jrazz...tsk, tsk, tsk.

I love it, meta. "that will do" parenting.

Sad, it's this whole huge thing now. The kids have come home with more toys than I could count. Then I'm the one that gets to pick it all up. I remember when I was kid (geez... am I at that age where I start sentences like that?) and the Valentines were just simple cards and maybe an envelope. Nothing else.

if I see a glow to the north, I'll know it's your bonfire!

If you also hear a pop, it's probably the erasers

& take your creepy vday card WITH YOU!buncha valentine gooks

tryingagain74 posted 2/11/2014 20:58 PM

They are terrible. My daughter's have suckers that are supposed to slide in them. I practically tore the first couple valentines in two because the slots are ridiculously small.

As for one of my sons, we were stapling the damn things shut and sticking a sticker over the staple.

Clearly, the manufacturer does not take these for a test drive. And yet I am too lazy to do anything homemade.

Nature_Girl posted 2/11/2014 22:17 PM

I asked one of my girls if she wanted to do valentines. She said no, they are stupid, and it's a stupid holiday.

I think my other two kids will give me a similar answer. I need to ask them.


Asked other daughter if she wanted to do valentines. She asked me why I would even ask. Then she said, no, no way, she doesn't even LIKE half the kids in her class, why would she give them a dumb valentine? It's gross.

My son looked at me as if I'd lost my damn mind, then wanted to know if I was kidding him or not with the question. When he realized I was serious, he said, "Mom. Valentine's Day is full of ROMANCE. I don't think so." And that was that.

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simplydevastated posted 2/12/2014 07:54 AM

They are terrible. My daughter's have suckers that are supposed to slide in them. I practically tore the first couple valentines in two because the slots are ridiculously small.

So much for quality control. The manufacturers should really try this precious little things out first.

NG, your kids are priceless. I love it.

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