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Valentines Day - I hate you - Rant

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Ladybug0808 posted 2/12/2014 09:18 AM

So before DDay #1(1/7) and DDday #2(1/15), I looked forward to Valentines Day. I had never had a good one until last year (my first one with my husband (fiance at the time). Once I found out about the EA I found that he communicated with AP on 2/13 and 2/14. I have asked him if he gave her any gifts that year and he says no. I now HATE this day. I have expressed to him that I do not want to celebrate. He says - Lets celebrate our "new love". To which I responded - "what new love? I dont have new love for you?". I had to go to CVS Monday night to pick up a presciption and it was everywhere.... I was so sad when I left there and got home and just cried.

I hate this!! I hate my new life and I hate that I had no choice in this - I just have to accept it or leave. I do not want to give up on my marriage but am I ever going to be able to enjoy the things I used to?

scarednbroken posted 2/12/2014 09:57 AM

I have no idea how to help you here. Except give you hugs. I think if you have a truly reconciled M, and he can replace all the bad with good memories, then you may be able to move past it.

I never could move on, he never tried to help me. ANd he continues to make every "special' day a day about his OWs.

Good luck. I hope your WH will help you.


soverybetrayed posted 2/12/2014 10:12 AM

Make the day about you doing nice things for you. You love the most special, kind, loving, generous, sexy, smart and beautiful person you know so take You out and spend time with You and buy You something you really want. Spend the day with the wonderful YOU! Celebrate your specialness!

Every betrayed spouse needs to make the day about loving themselves and not think about the hurt we feel, just celebrate our loveliness!

CantLoseHope posted 2/12/2014 10:16 AM

OR make the day just like any other day........ don't make it into some fiasco, don't dwell on what the day is... just try and go about your day just like its any other day..... which can be hard with the outside stimuli, but its worth a try. Sending my support!!!!!!

Ivyivy posted 2/12/2014 12:08 PM

I am there with you and know (and feel) how you feel. Every commute when I listen to NPR and hear them pitching the valentine's flowers to their donors, I cringe. No matter how I rationalize it, the day (and the run up to the day) will be very difficult.

I also empathize with your statement, "I had no choice in this." That is exactly how I feel.

Some days are so much tougher than others...

SoVerySadNow posted 2/12/2014 19:25 PM

Well, then I have found the perfect card! This is my first pic upload attempt, so here goes...

BrooklynLove posted 2/12/2014 20:01 PM

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