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Awesome poem

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dontknowwhyme posted 2/12/2014 11:58 AM

I enjoyed hearing a poem from this poet with OCD. Warning: It does have the F word in it once.

Threnody posted 2/12/2014 12:27 PM

Whoasticks, Scooby. That was incredible.

A friend of mine with OCD told me when he first realized he was in love, he only had the urge to touch his boyfriend's hand. All of the other touching/tapping urges disappeared when his boyfriend was near. "That's how I knew," he said. He said the touching and tapping of objects was to ward off danger, to connect to something safe. And in his boyfriend, he found something safe.

Sometimes, I remember him telling me this and get jealous. When was love ever a no-brainer for me? If I'd had a sign like this, maybe then I wouldn't struggle so much, especially on the bad days when the house is ripped apart (yes, we're still working on the flooring project ) and he's forgotten for the third time that I have an appointment in the morning and oh my GOD, were you raised in a barn?

Wouldn't it be nice sometimes to have this sort of moment of clarity? This... tidiness of thought?

dontknowwhyme posted 2/13/2014 13:37 PM

That moment of clarity is what I like most about it. If everyone could experience that it would make things so much easier.

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