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Bad news

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StillLivin posted 2/12/2014 16:16 PM

Just got off the phone with a friend. She gave me the scoop that SFC Xxxxx's wife stabbed him to death.
SFC Xxxxx was funny, a little to flirty for being a married man, and seemed laid back. I didn't know him very well, but knew who he was. In our field, everybody knew everybody in some fashion or another.
He always gave me the feeling that he was a cheater. Others talked about it. Some were ok with it. Some were more judgmental like me.
Guess his wife wasn't too cool with it. Him cheating didn't shock anybody. Her finally losing it after years of him cheating on her shouldn't have shocked anybody either, but it did some.
This is crazy! And now a nice woman lost it after years of the infidelity abuse, and will spend a long time in prison if she can't plead some kind of mental illness.
I remember her too. She was slight, and timid.
Wow, just crazy.

Random thoughts posted 2/12/2014 16:52 PM

Sorry but cheating does not give anyone the right to kill.....she could have and should have divorced him......
Now she will be jailed because of her actions.

whattheh posted 2/12/2014 16:55 PM

She doesn't have the right to kill over this but this does show how dangerous and destructive cheating and betraying people can be. I do feel sympathy for her if he was cheating because I know my fWH cheating on me caused to feel close to insanity at times.

StillLivin posted 2/12/2014 16:59 PM

Nobody said she had the right to kill.
I'm just not surprised that he drove her crazy. This crap could cause anybody to lose it.
Shame she DIDN'T just leave his cheatinass.
She could have gone on to have a good life. Like I said, just crazy....should have added sad too for the BS. I didn't ever wish bad on SFC Xxxxx, but I can't say he didn't walk into it.

wanttogoforward posted 2/12/2014 16:59 PM

I feel bad for her... I think most of us can relate having come close to losing our sanity/ minds... thankfully none of us thought to do this or was quite so far gone as to resort to this... how sad for all involved.

scarednbroken posted 2/12/2014 17:17 PM

Maybe she was faced with a boat load of impossibilities?

Can you "just divorce" someone? No. You have to hire an attorney, figure out where you are going to live. Get all that in order, file, then wait until the divorce goes through. In that time, the WS may have to live with you if you can't afford a new place to live. Then you are subject to dealing with that person until the D is final, and who gets what is meted out.

If she was abused emotionally or verbally, that makes things harder. People get desperate. I'm not condoning it, I'm just saying, we are all human, and we can only take so much torture and feelings of helplessness before we snap. Some people have a higher tolerance than others....

I feel bad for her.

outtanowhere posted 2/12/2014 17:31 PM

I am very even tempered. My IC told me I have a high tolerance for stress. I can honestly say that this experience with my recovering SAWH has at times pushed me to the brink of insanity. In some of my more "disturbed" moments, I actually could identify with a few of the episodes of "Snapped".

I hold to the belief that no one has the right to take the life of another person regardless of the circumstances. However, after all of this, I would ask to be excused should I ever find myself sitting on a jury for a case like this.

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