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This is painful

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newlysingle posted 2/12/2014 16:18 PM

So I'm awaiting the plumber to do what will hopefully be the final work on our sewer line.....with the Gnat. He is paying for the repair and wanted to speak with the plumber regarding the work before he starts. The Gnat is also going to do a few small repairs for me while the plumber works. Of course the plumber is running late and we're forced to "hang out" until he gets here.

Ugh, once he starts the work, the Gnat is taking the kids home with him for the night. I have not had to spend this much time with him in ages. Hurry up plumber!

Just one more reason to sell the house soon. I don't want to do this again.

nowiknow23 posted 2/12/2014 17:44 PM

Strength to you, honey. ((((newlysingle))))

StillLivin posted 2/12/2014 18:05 PM

How did it go?

careerlady posted 2/12/2014 18:13 PM

sucks. At least he's being helpful. The Snake might deign to supervise/question the plumber but wouldn't do stuff around the house. Far too lazy...

newlysingle posted 2/12/2014 21:43 PM

I am grateful that he wasn't a dick about this. He also agreed in the divorce decree to help with the repairs around the house. He's very hand and can fix almost anything. It's probably the only thing I miss about having him around.

The funny thing is that he was really agitated while he was here and I don't know why. It had nothing to do with me. We were fine and cordial with one another. It could have been an issue with work or a problem in unicorn fartland.

h0peless posted 2/12/2014 22:15 PM

Getting out of the house was such a relief for me. Even living with my Mom was better than being in OUR house after she left. It was even worse when she was there.

keep your chin up. it will get better.

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