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Are you kidding?

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honesttoafault posted 2/12/2014 22:30 PM

Some of the reasons that WH told me he had the A was because he wasn't sexually satified with me, I was too "loose" down there, AND we didn't have sex often enough (once or twice a week with little kids isn't often enough)

Yesterday he tells me he wants to be separated. He doesn't want to be married to me anymore. He adds:

"I don't want to be your love slave anymore!"

NPD translation: I don't want to have to tell you I love you, be nice or affectionate to you.

But still!!!

norabird posted 2/12/2014 22:37 PM

Glad you can laugh at this! Obviously it's a terrible situation, but...that is still hilarious. You kept him chained in manacles I assume? Poor widdle WH!

honesttoafault posted 2/12/2014 22:49 PM

It was a blessing in disguise that he said this! I was about to be a weeping mess, until he said this with all seriousness!

Lovedyoumore posted 2/12/2014 22:58 PM

Then he does not know how a woman's body works or how to make love to a woman. If given proper foreplay, time, and real attention to personal touching, most women, no matter how old or how many kids, will respond with the proper tone to make any man happy. If you are too loose then he is not doing his job correctly. If he is lazy, that is his problem.

Ostrich80 posted 2/13/2014 00:55 AM

I've never bought the "loose" bullshit. A woman's body is designed to birth a child. Maybe he just has a pencil dick? Sorry I'm jus kidding but I hate that loose excuse.

justjim posted 2/13/2014 05:07 AM

Sounds to me like he said such a terrible thing for the purpose of hurting you and turning you into a "weeping mess".

It appears to have had the opposite effect and has made you strong and resolute.

I, for one, fistpumped and shouted "YES!" when I got to the end of your post and realized that you are so much stronger than he gave you credit for.

Now... Take his sorry ass to the cleaners.

justjim posted 2/13/2014 05:07 AM

Sorry for the double post.

[This message edited by justjim at 5:08 AM, February 13th (Thursday)]

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