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Hate the snow

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wahoo8895 posted 2/12/2014 23:11 PM

You'd think I'd love the snow. Schools are closed (FWW is a teacher), government is closed (I'm a federal employee). Free vacation day tomorrow. Maybe FWW and I will go cross-country skiing.

But I hate it. It was the eve of the first of the three blizzards of 2009-2010, when FWW and OM first had sex. They were planning on the next day, but moved it up to Friday because of the snow. When I came home from work, I could smell him on her, although I did not know it at the time. Indeed, much of their affair was centered around those three blizzards, in some strange fashion.

Maybe I don't really hate the snow. It's actually quite beautiful watching it fall past the streetlights. But it does make me anxious. I should be asleep right now - it's past midnight. But I can't. Four years later, I still think about it.

One more small thing tainted.

BAB61 posted 2/13/2014 00:26 AM

Man that sucks ... damn. I love the snow, it reminds me of being a kid and tunneling in the drifts. My brothers and I played until we were far too cold, went inside, hung our cold wet clothes near the furnace, drank lots of hot chocolate. Put on the dry warm clothes and did it all again!!

Make new snow memories, enjoy the beauty, warm up after!

Kitty70 posted 2/13/2014 07:56 AM

Yeah triggers can be awful. I agree with BAB61. Maybe try and make new memories? Enjoy the beauty with the cross country skis.

I am in the same area and stuck at home with him (we're technically not together anymore), so I'm not a happy camper either.

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