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Npd/Dead Beat Dad

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UMBL posted 2/14/2014 09:07 AM

So I have the joy of having an NPD, alcoholic, arrogant EX husband who also has serious anger management issues. This piece of crap is the father of two amazing sons he does not deserve, and does not support emotionally or financially. He has bailed on them more than he has seen them. He has Not paid child support more than he has paid...and he manipulates them when he does see them and tries to turn them against me. Six years of this crap and he's just as bad as when I divorced him.

For the most part - I ignore him and just try to fix my kids when they come back. I have kept track of the unpaid child support and reminded him over and over again. About two years ago I started garnishment and enforcement of the back arrears..and this was working great except they revoked his DL and he was in an accident. So he begged me to stop the enforcement and just keep the current garnishment and he would pay on his own. Stupid me, right? Well TA DA...he's not paying a dime again - so I just turned him into DHR for enforcement again and to have his wages garnished (he's on his 6th? 7th? job in about 8 years) so it's always fun trying to track it down.

I do my very best to not talk bad about him in front of the kids, but sometimes it just happens...especially when he lies and manipulates them into thinking I'm the reason they don't see him very much.

I guess he just got the latest garnishment order and he text me this morning - bailing on the kids for tonite (shocker...his son has baseball practice until 8 and I'm sure that interfered with his drinking and his latest POA). But he also asked if DHR and enforcement was the route I was going - it's a veiled threat...I know him. I'm not going to respond....just crickets bc it absolutely drives him insane. but it is SOO hard to not give him a piece of my mind! This man owes over 32,000K in BACK child support and has refused over and over again to give me a penny but wants to show up at sports functions as if he's this great dad when he bails all the time, tells the kids awful things about me and manipulates the crap out them! it just burns me up...

I'm just venting here so I don't respond to his text. It's none of his business in my opinion whether I have contacted DHR or not - he'll find out soon enough.

thanks for listening.....:)

Nature_Girl posted 2/14/2014 10:12 AM

devistatedmom posted 2/14/2014 15:09 PM

If you are telling him when these sporting events are so he can show, stop. He can get the info just as well as you can.

NEVER stop the garnishment again. He's proven he won't do it on his own. Ass.

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