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Return of the Crazy, not engaging

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callmecrazy posted 2/15/2014 09:46 AM

My name sums up my life a year ago. Now that OW sent me a text claiming she was just officially taken out of the picture (I thought that was handled 6 mo ago), she is the crazy one. He isnt sure why she thought they would be together bc there wasnt an affair and he has no clue why she'd say such a thing. Enter multiple new storys he claims she said about relationships that he now has decided are fishy, as well as all the calls and texts she was allegedly getting that pointed at me (It WAS NOT ME and he checked my phone and claimed even then he believed me bc he knows Im not about to let a piece of trash cause me legal troubles).

Im not engaging in much of this. I started to and was told that nothing has changed since right b4 the text...we were getting along and no reason we shouldnt be. I need to think of it differently...she lied, why would I trust you. Last year Id be a mess.

This year:

I said, I know you lie. So add this to the list of things Ill never know. Do NOT expect me to think it is the same, it is not bc now I can assume you have not been fully NC and only person who thinks you didnt have an affair, is you.

He also said "she's trying to get me to talk to her and it aint gonna work" I found an email...nothing damning just a you burn my stuff Ill mail your key I still have (DIDNT KNW HOUSE KEY WAS STILL ON HIM). He said he told me he sent it, I must have forgot...NO. I wont engage the crazy. I may have limited info, but Im fully aware of facts I know. When Im told its not a trial facts dont matter, I say in my head, when you live w someone who lives in an imaginary world, facts are the ONLY thing that matter. Trying to stay silent, I know words dont matter and I will never have truth. I made a choice to stay 6 months ago even though truth wasnt really out there and I must either accept that choice and live happily or leave and move on.

nekorb posted 2/15/2014 09:54 AM


When you see crazy coming, cross the street!

Also document, document, document.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this craziness.

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