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Bs needs FWs help...

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DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 2/16/2014 13:27 PM

A BS needing help from all FWS....Any advice you would give to a WS wanting to R. Specifically to do with "friendships" of opposite sex, or situations with OW/OC.....

Any advice would be apprectiated!!

Prayingforhope posted 2/16/2014 13:41 PM

Your wayward should find his way to the Wayward forum. Everything they need and more is there to support R. Good luck.

DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 2/16/2014 13:52 PM

Yes, im hoping I can get him on here....problem is, most the time he is unwilling to admit he still has a "problem".

I just read your story....the way you talk about your wife is a lot like how he talks about me and the things hes done.

Wish you well and hope your healing!!

StillLivin posted 2/17/2014 19:32 PM


Aubrie posted 2/17/2014 22:10 PM

He needs to read "Not Just Friends".

problem is, most the time he is unwilling to admit he still has a "problem".
Thing about this is, if he sees nothing wrong with himself, why should he change? His changes have to be from the inside of himself, or the change is not real. Kwim? The saying "You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink" is very true in this case. Not saying that to scare you. But to prepare you. Until HE decides he has a problem, until HE makes the changes, it would be in your best interest to keep your shields up and your guard sky high.

Introducing him to SI could be helpful. Have a game plan and boundaries for one another. Will he know your username? Will you know his? Will you stay off one another's threads? That kind of thing.

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