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MammaMia posted 2/17/2014 18:49 PM

Does anybody have a Roku? How do you like it?

Our sons told us about it and we are thinking of getting one. I will appreciate your input.

GabyBaby posted 2/17/2014 18:53 PM

We do!
I love it for Netflix and have started branching out and watching some of the other channels (science fiction and oldies).

Once my son leaves for college, I think we're going to cancel our cable completely and stick to Roku/Netflix.

ETA: We bought ours on Black Friday for $25, but I recall seeing one of the units on Amazon for as low as $35 (regular price).

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Want2help posted 2/17/2014 18:54 PM

We bought one, before we bought a "smart tv", and it is fantastic! We no longer pay for cable, or satellite.

Many tv shows are on Hulu (if you have a particular show you watch). We are fans of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Neither of those are on Hulu, because they're on cable channels. But they're on Amazon, for $1.99 per episode, so we pay $8 a month for those two shows, and $10 or so a month for Netflix.

I think Roku is the best invention ever.

Brandon808 posted 2/17/2014 19:10 PM

I have a Roku too. I love it. Netflix, Hulu+ and Amazon Prime do not cost much either.

Dark Inertia posted 2/17/2014 19:17 PM

Love it, love it, love it. We have not had cable in over 3 years. What we can't get on Roku we download from the internet. We have a laptop that is hooked up to our big screen, so whatever we download we can watch on our tv. Hopefully Steam will work the kinks out of their new OS and come out with streaming very soon... and then we will fo' sho' never go back to cable. EVAR!

MammaMia posted 2/17/2014 19:23 PM

I watch some of the old syndicated shows like The Golden Girls, Married With Children, etc. Can I get those on Roku?

GabyBaby posted 2/17/2014 19:49 PM

I think Dark Inertia's rec on a prior post was what spurred me to look into Roku.
Thanks DA!

hurtbs posted 2/17/2014 20:00 PM

I used to have one and I loved it. Great tool! Get one!

Catwoman posted 2/17/2014 20:12 PM

Love it! Two thumbs up.


Want2help posted 2/17/2014 20:14 PM

I watch some of the old syndicated shows like The Golden Girls, Married With Children, etc. Can I get those on Roku?

I watch Designing Women on my tablet on youtube. There currently is not a youtube Roku channel, but they're supposed to be coming out with one soon.

Also, there are "private" Roku channels that are interesting, some with weird, obscure horror movies.

MammaMia posted 2/24/2014 17:28 PM

I got my Roku 3 two days ago and I love it!!! To all the posters who encouraged me to get one: THANK YOU!!!! : :

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