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TV Show: Opposite Worlds

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GabyBaby posted 2/18/2014 15:04 PM

Does anyone else watch this?
I'm not usually a "reality" tv person (and really...there's nothing reality based about it, lol), but for some reason this show fascinates me.

k94ever posted 2/18/2014 18:26 PM

I've tried, but I can't get over the fact the people in Epoch are at a dis-advantage. They have crappy food, it's not warm, they don't have beds to sleep in, etc....

I get the social experiment part. And I get the environmental part.

I don't think it's fair. If you pit two people against each other, the one who is well fed and rested will usually beat the other one. Even factoring the human drive to want better I still find the Epoch team so highly dis-advantaged that the experiment in my opinion is skewed.


GabyBaby posted 2/18/2014 18:37 PM

I agree, which is why I always end up cheering for them. They are seriously on the short end of the stick.

I also think there should have been more of a consequence to the other team after the first games when Epoch's vet had his leg broken by an underhanded play.

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