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Now I can't stop telling people

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iamsoblind42 posted 2/18/2014 22:25 PM

At first I told no one. Literally could count the people on one hand and two were doctors. Word got out anyway and it was so hurtful to know people knew for weeks and did not tell me they knew that now I can't stop telling people. Guess I would rather they hear it from me than from the gossip mill. Just hoping there will be a new town scandal soon so that I can be old news.

outside4me posted 2/18/2014 22:45 PM

Let me guess... small town?

iamsoblind42 posted 2/18/2014 23:24 PM

Not as small as you would think, about 50,000. My circle of friend all belong to the same swim and tennis club which is only 300 families so I think that is why it feels small town. I either know people from there or from my kids school or sports teams.

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BAB61 posted 2/18/2014 23:43 PM

First D-Day I told my Pastor, and 2 close friends that don't live nearby. That was it. Second D-Day I put a fb announcement up, told my Mom, my family and many friends. Now it comes up in convo and I just tell people, Yup he cheated so I'm done.

Aceofbase posted 2/19/2014 08:10 AM

Is it possible since you are moving on that you want to validate the reason you are moving on? I do think that you have a right to expose the cheater.

yearsofpain25 posted 2/19/2014 08:19 AM

Excellent Blind! I'm sure that this is probably a big relief for you now that it's out in the open. Now hopefully other's will start to see him for who he really is.

Stay strong!

RealityStinks posted 2/19/2014 12:34 PM

I get where you're coming from. I didn't tell many people at first, and there are VERY few people that know everything.

But, I'm not going to lie for her. For example, a buddy of mine (not a close friend, so I hadn't told him about the situation) asked "How's WW?" So, I said, "Well man, I don't know. We're divorcing because I don't like her boyfriend".

People will find out eventually. I'm not going to start spreading it around, but I'm not going to lie if people ask.

Breezy150 posted 2/19/2014 12:39 PM

I told everyone in my circle immediately, I told my friends his friends, anyone that would listen. I wasn't sure why I was doing it, just didn't really care who knew. It helped me to talk about it so I did.

MadeOfScars posted 2/19/2014 12:54 PM


Initially, I told my closest friends, my mom, my sister, and my boss. I felt like I had to tell my boss because the days after getting the news, there was simply no way I was going to be worth a damn at work. Being that I manage a team of 26 people, arrangements needed to be made. I was vague with the supervisors who report to me - just said I'd be out for a few days, but eventually told them just so if rumors were gonna spread, at least the right info is out there. Like you said:

Guess I would rather they hear it from me than from the gossip mill. Just hoping there will be a new town scandal soon so that I can be old news.

Now, if someone asks, I tell them just enough. I don't want to get into the details or dates or anything, just it is what it is. Those closest to me know the rest, and it's no one else's business IMO. Hell, I have a ton of FB friends that probably don't know because I just deactivated my account the same day; just didn't want to deal with it there, and I have no desire to reactivate it any time soon.

Anyway, I have this tendency to keep rambling, so I think I'll stop now.


"Well man, I don't know. We're divorcing because I don't like her boyfriend".

I know its not a funny situation, but for what its worth, this genuinely made me laugh. I may borrow some variation of that for myself.

Justgreatnews posted 2/19/2014 14:14 PM

Told my doctor, our M/C, and no one else.

scarednbroken posted 2/19/2014 16:43 PM

Rumors are always worse than reality.

I live in a small rural town. I've said nothing to anyone. Can't even look at a new place to live cuz tongues will wag. We joke that you can't piss without the town knowing by end of day. Lol.

Your a brave soul.

BetrayalHurts posted 2/19/2014 16:56 PM

Ours is a very small town....750 or so including kids and pets.

After I found out it was amazing how many already knew or had heard. It actually upset me that all these so-called friends did not say something to me before.

My idea in the beginning and long, long before I found SI was if I told as many as possible it would no longer be fun, exciting, or a secret.

Gemini71 posted 2/19/2014 22:27 PM

You have nothing to be ashamed of so why shouldn't you tell people? This has all happened so quickly, maybe it helps you to accept the reality of what happened by retelling the story. I know the first couple months, it was almost like I had to convince myself that STBXH's betrayal really happened.

I also agree, that hearing it directly from you short circuits the rumor mill. The truth always comes out eventually, better that your friends hear it from you, and not your WH's blame shifting version. Pretty soon it'll be old news, and people will look for something else to talk about.

Good luck.

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