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What a co-inkie dink

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myowndystopia posted 2/19/2014 17:41 PM

Coincidence- or divine intervention of a 2x4? This afternoon I get a copy of the first draft of the MDA. I've been feeling a little weird about all the financial stuff so was a little anxious to see it all written up. Saw it in my email box but was waiting to get home to take a look. I stopped to get my snail mail and there was a letter addressed to me - no return address. I got an anonymous letter from a friend of OW and how she had been trying to send it for a while and gives OW name, her business she owns and how often he spends time with her and sends her flowers, weekends away and how he is so worried about his $ and our weekend home. I've been shaking like a leaf. But now I'm the one feeling no remorse about alimony, child support who gets what and so on.....what the hell was I thinking in the first place!?

nekorb posted 2/19/2014 18:17 PM


Well, I guess the bright side is that there are some folks with morals left in the world.

It sucks to see it in writing though.


Darcy3 posted 2/20/2014 01:08 AM

Do not feel guilty about asking for SS, or what he will pay in CS, or how things get split....BTDT. Bottom line is this is what he wanted...give it to him.

I know when I first started thinking about SS I felt guilty, and a few weeks ago when my lawyer told me how much I would be getting for SS the first thing I said was "that's a lot" and in my head I was calculating to see how he would be able to live paying everything that he has to. She asked me if I wanted to lower it and I actually thought about it for a second. Then I remembered it's not my problem how hard things are going to be for him, he certainly hasn't cared how hard things have been for me, and the kids. So I told her no, if it is to much for him, HE can go through the steps to get it adjusted if he can.

I know it's hard to not feel sorry for them at times, a normal healthy person can't just shut that off, but you have nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to the divorce. What everyone says is true about the divorce process...leave your heart out of it.

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