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Upcoming vacation

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aero1122 posted 2/19/2014 21:53 PM

So we have been planning to go visit a relative next week. It is a long drive (we are taking 2 days because of the kids) I don't know how I am going to handle being with him all day in a confined space with the kids who don't know anything. I am still on the roller coaster every day and don't know how much I can hide from the kids.
I am going from sad to pissed off constantly.

This sux

Any advice would be appreciated.

scarednbroken posted 2/19/2014 23:06 PM

I guess I am a veteran at this part. I have been hiding it for many years. It is hard. The best days I manage to not take frustrations out on kids. The worst - he gets biting comments to knock is ego down a few notches.

How? Deep breaths. I also made a list of reasons why I can not blow up and out. What are the positive outcomes to keeping my cool. And the repercussions if I do not.

This is new for you and the pain is fresh. If you feel yourself about to let go - take 10 slow deep breaths, the count backward from 20. And envision your list (or read it). And see if you are calm.

I also ask for exercise breaks. Get out of the confined space and walk about. Breathe.

momentintime posted 2/20/2014 00:09 AM

Play a audio book to keep everyone entertained.

Livingalie2014 posted 2/20/2014 00:29 AM

So sorry to hear that. That's a lot of togetherness so soon after your discovery. Its totally normal to be on a daily roller coaster, my counselor said to just go with your feelings. It might be best if you sat together with your 2 year old, and have your 14 year old sit in front with your WS. Hope everything works out for you.

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