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Not a big believer in karma but .....

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Darcy3 posted 2/19/2014 22:44 PM

If I was I would say it found him

Been awhile since I have really posted on here, but I do lurk daily To update, the last time I posted it was to wonder why the idiot sent ALL of the papers he was served back to my lawyer without doing anything....he just put everything he was served in an envelope and mailed it all back to my attorney. Because of this I was awarded a default judgement and given everything I had asked for. Just had to go through the 90 day waiting period.

During these last 3 months he told me that he and OW called it quits and he had moved out....almost a year to the day of him asking for a divorce....she was tired of him not helping with bills and other things and the job he had didn't pay very much and he barely had enough to send what he did for me and the kids Funny thing is, is that up until that month I had been paying all our bills, right before their break up I had forwarded the ones to him that he was to be responsible for. I do think he is still trying to get back with her but her stbxbh told me he heard through her 2nd ex that she is dating 3 or 4 guys I can say that I am at 99% of not caring.

If they are together it won't last. Her stbxbh told me she is all about the money, and my ex doesn't have any, and what little he thinks he is hiding from me will be gone soon also, as the bus is turning around.

Divorce is final today (not totally okay with that but getting there ) The part I am okay with is that I get everything I asked for and he has a judgment against him for back SS, education expenses for our kids, and the cost of the divorce. I also get an increase in SS as my kids graduate from school, and the thing that will really piss him off is that he has to bring me back his bike...I get that too

He has been whining to me about how broke he is for the last two months and has not sent me a dime, but CS will go through the state now...and I think my SS might also, at least until my last kid graduates.

Oh, and because he defaulted I wasn't obligated to let him know about court today and that everything is now final. He will find all of this out in a couple days when he gets it in the mail. Hope he found that happy he was looking for.

GabyBaby posted 2/19/2014 22:48 PM

Ahhhhhh how I love hearing a happy ending for a BS.

*raise my wine glass*
Here's to bigger and better things for Darcy3!

Pass posted 2/19/2014 22:51 PM

I know you didn't look to end up in this place, but it sounds like the beginning of a happy ending. Congratulations on getting what you want!

Darcy3 posted 2/19/2014 23:15 PM

I do have to say a big THANK YOU to SI and all the people here. I know that without having this place to come to I would have had a much harder time of dealing with today.

I have cried and been depressed for most of the day, but I know it's because I am mourning the end of what was. Thanks to SI, I also know that tomorrow is a new beginning, and I will be ok.

BAB61 posted 2/19/2014 23:29 PM

Just goes to show that people DO sometimes get what they deserve!

I am not looking forward to that final D decree either ...always thought I was married for life ....c'est la vie.....


Nature_Girl posted 2/20/2014 00:08 AM

Williesmom posted 2/20/2014 08:11 AM

((Darcy)) Welcome to the first day of the new life of Darcy. It will get better.

If I were you, I know what would make me feel better......A RIDE ON MY NEW BIKE!!!

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

GingerAle posted 2/20/2014 10:39 AM

Yes! Today is the first day of the rest of your fabulous life!

Nature_Girl, lol Good one!

dmari posted 2/20/2014 10:51 AM

(((((Darcy3))))) Sending you hugs because you are about the divorce being final. Like the others have said, you are on your way to a fabulous new beginning!

P.S. I'm going to start wishing for a default judgement!

Darcy3 posted 2/20/2014 15:48 PM

Thank you everyone for the support. Feeling much better today...climbed back up out of the dip. Thank god they do not last as long as they use to.

Dmari all you need to help you get that default judgement is a lazy ass ex who doesn't like to deal with anything.

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