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The Best Thing I Ever Did...

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libertyrocks posted 2/20/2014 11:49 AM

...was listen to all the good advice I got here. :) Thank you to all of you for speaking up. Now, that I'm no longer a prisoner, it was a shame I was living a lie, in pain, and allowing my children to be mistreated. FTG! My job on this Earth is to protect my boys, from anyone! Now, that I've taken a step back, I can see I was being abused, taken advantage of, manipulated, and controlled. I'm stronger than that and luckily I don't need him in any shape or form. It's only been a week, but I feel so free and utterly happy.

So, thanks again everyone, I couldn't have done it without all you, especially Nature Girl, AJ's mom and tushnurse. If it weren't for you AJ's mom, asking me what I was gonna do about "That?" and telling me to get an army, I don't think I would have had the courage to do what I did. I'm so thankful for you ladies, it brings me to tears.

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nowiknow23 posted 2/20/2014 11:52 AM

Remember honey, YOU did this! You fought your way to this new place and are building a beautiful life for you and the boys. That's all you, liberty.


Nature_Girl posted 2/20/2014 12:46 PM

You're welcome, but you know what? YOU did it, Liberty. You did the hard work. It takes courage. ((((HUGS))))

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