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I might be finally getting it

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Breezy150 posted 2/22/2014 12:53 PM

I woke up this morning with a little more clarity, thanks to everyone here. I thought you really had to decide immediately if you were willing to R and then go all in.

This morning I realized all I have to do right now is take care of myself and worry about healing me, not our M. He has to convince me if there is an M to save.

Starting 180, starting my healing instead of being consumed with his A. Still keeping my eyes wide open but letting go of some of the all consuming pain until I am better equipped to deal. I will decide if R is even feasible when he proves it is.

lastdance posted 2/22/2014 15:16 PM

do tend to yourself----you need all your strength==rest,exercise and eat -----meditate ,it is my salvation-----remember honey you did nothing wrong--you have nothing to prove------you have been deeply hurt and yes you are sleeping with the enemy-----remind yourself to be alert for you have lived with deception for so long you can be easily be deceived again by hubby---you know he is good at lies so stay alert---that is why you need to rest---180 is good-----no contact will benefit you-----is he out of the house yet----stay healthy

Breezy150 posted 2/22/2014 15:59 PM

He is not out of the house so I will only be implementing parts of 180. He does work very long hours at home and works away from home two weeks a month. So I don't see him much.

norabird posted 2/22/2014 19:04 PM

Good for you Breezy. I think this approach will give you a great deal more peace.

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