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physical pain

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twitching posted 2/22/2014 16:17 PM

What kind of physical pain do you have? Mine have been:
neck and shoulder pain (so bad that I couldn't lift one arm)
Tingly out of body feeling

strangeasfiction posted 2/22/2014 16:30 PM


scarednbroken posted 2/22/2014 16:36 PM

I have had a cold lingering since November - not a simple one - coughing aching, migraines, chest pains, teeth hurting, etc. October was when I found out that he was seeing multiple hookers. I have been to the doctor they say its stress related. When I read messages between him and his OWs, I get very nauseated.

Much of this can be accounted to stress, grinding or gritting teeth, low appetite so low nutrition. I think that's why the best advice I got from here was eat well, exercise, drink lots of water. Because if you don't you will get sick.

StuckinNJagain posted 2/22/2014 18:55 PM

I have constant headaches and dont sleep much. Constantly tired and trouble concentrating on most everything. When i think of the A i get a physical pain in my chest n stomach. Anxiety i think.

cantaccept posted 2/22/2014 19:26 PM

Trouble sleeping, mostly waking very early, 4am, for over a year now.

Grinding teeth in sleep, clenching teeth.

Back pain, never had this before, it is constant now.

I vomited every day after dday #1, now it is only when I get very stressed.

Poor appetite.

Concentration, focus, that is a struggle, it is a conscious effort.

The physical is easier to take than the emotional.

My IC showed me a technique called tapping, it helps.

Lethealbegin posted 2/22/2014 19:48 PM

sometimes my heart aches!

twitching posted 2/22/2014 20:30 PM

Oh, and how could I forget, my hands shake and twitch all the time.

CantLoseHope posted 2/22/2014 20:40 PM

unfortunately I do get literal chest pains
severe anxiety
unable to eat, leading to stomach issues
dehydration as well
muscle aches
parts of my body hurting that I didn't even know could hurt

CantLoseHope posted 2/22/2014 20:43 PM

Also grinding teeth so much when I sleep that my jaw hurts all day long, sometimes difficult to even open my mouth to take a bit of food.

ginasister posted 2/22/2014 20:56 PM

I have had sleep apnea for years and had a mouth appliance. Since D-day, I have TMJ disorder from grinding my teeth. The TMJ is exacerbated by the appliance so I can't wear it. Now I am grinding my teeth and waking up all night and falling asleep at my computer at work. Thank you, STBX!

iwillNOT posted 2/22/2014 22:11 PM

Stabbing aching stomach pain, nausea
"digestive issues" we'll leave it at that
throbbing pain in my chest, all the way down to my hands and feet
neck/arm pain with symptoms down to my hand(tight muscles/stress)
shaking at times

My IC remarked on how much severe emotional pain can be felt physically. It gives me a new understanding of "heartbreak". It literally feels like something in your body has broken.

I am so sorry for all of us who have had to deal with this.

beautytoashes5 posted 2/22/2014 22:48 PM

I've been losing a lot of my hair.
Chest area hurts
Stomach hurts

Gotmegood posted 2/22/2014 22:55 PM

When I first had conversations w/ WH my body trembled. Lack of sleep, interrupted sleep, and nightmares.

BrooklynLove posted 2/23/2014 00:27 AM

I have insomnia and because I have a newborn it just makes it worst. I am 1 year out from DDay and haven't had a good nights sleep in that year. During my pregnancy my Midwife had me take unisom but it doesn't work anymore (only work the first couple of times).

lovehatelove posted 2/23/2014 03:22 AM

I get severe anxiety when I think about the affair... my heart races and I can't concentrate... I also feel nauseous a lot too...

if I get super super nervous, I get the poops (tmi sorry!) haha but it's the truth....

Sparkle0504 posted 2/23/2014 08:54 AM

Same ↑↑↑

Hair loss
Periods of being unable to eat and nausea.
Physically sick a few times (the worst being right after I installed the keylogger - what had I become, having to do that???)
Worst and for which I am utterly ashamed, I cut myself for about four months. This "isn't me" and I will never allow myself to get so low again. Nothing and nobody is worth that.

Ooh! I'm all pissed again! Good job he's not here right now lol.

ncharge posted 2/23/2014 09:06 AM

Can't sleep
Dry mouth
No appetite
Can't focus for long

And WH: chest pains, dehydration

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NikkiD posted 2/23/2014 11:58 AM

neck and shoulder pain
no appetite

Breezy150 posted 2/23/2014 14:27 PM

Neck pain, severe chest pain, shakes, tingling, sore jaw, headache, throwing up. I was burning myself for a week or so, but quit that and got a new tattoo to try and get the emotional pain out into physical pain. Can't sleep even with pills, and finally on some anxiety medicine that helps. Had my restless leg syndrome under control with meds but now it seems worse.

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