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Happy... Not!

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Harriet posted 2/24/2014 02:27 AM

Reading a previous post about a song trigger made me want to share the irony. Of all the friggin trigger songs, the super popular "Happy" song by Pharell Williams is mine. I don't want to talk about it. But even I have to laugh at the irony through my complete annoyance at the joy it brings everyone else.

Besides, what good is "a room without a roof" anyway?

MovingUpward posted 2/24/2014 07:15 AM


Oh triggers can be quite ironic. I know some who trigger in church where one should feel most secure. Everyone will have different perspectives leading them to have different memories and triggers.

Spending time to work through things will keep our perspective as open as possible for even a room without a roof can be a good thing if you look at it right. For I can look at a place like Yosemite valley as a room without a roof and am happy and at peace because it has no roof to block the sun, moon, and stars.

Harriet posted 2/25/2014 00:17 AM

And just like that, I think you made it my own song! Now when I hear the song I will picture myself in the places where I have spent my happiest moments: in the beauty of the Sierras!

for you!

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Stillstings posted 2/25/2014 00:41 AM

He had a part in that train wreck called Blurred Lines. Anyone who helped produce that crap is hopeless IMO.

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