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Scumbag Father Vent

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littlefoggy posted 2/24/2014 10:53 AM

Yesterday, STBX took DD for a few hours of time.

He wanted to keep her until 8:30. But her bedtime is 7:30. So I told him she shouldn't be out past 6:30 and to have her back by then. He agreed saying he would "make every effort"... right. Sure you will.

I get a text saying that dinner was late and therefore, he would be late. Guess what time he shows up... 8:30... His original time.

And then, to top it all off, DD (my toddler DD) reeeeeeeeked of cigarette smoke. I bet he was smoking in the car with her. Fuckin' father of the year over here.


GabyBaby posted 2/24/2014 11:12 AM

What an ass.
Antics like this are exactly why parenting agreements need to be spelled out and detailed down to the last letter.

If you have one in place, the next time he's more than 15 minutes late, call the police on his ass.
If you DONT have one in place, I'd try to start making sure his visiting time is a lot earlier in the day so it doesnt interrupt DD's routine as much.

Pass posted 2/24/2014 11:38 AM

I hear you, Foggy. Whenever I try to impose limits on The Princess, she always just does whatever the hell she wants anyhow. Just has to prove she has a bigger dick than me!

I've finally adopted a similar approach to her as I have to parenting: If it's something that I have no control over, I try not to express any desire to control it. That gives them the ability to do whatever they please, and eventually figure out how little control I have.

And there are few phrases that piss me off so much as "make every effort". It is apparently just as meaningless as our wedding vows were.

Afraid2LoveAgain posted 2/24/2014 11:53 AM

IMO, smoking around a child is abuse.

Any adult who smokes around a child needs to serve jail time.

What a POS!

littlefoggy posted 2/24/2014 13:33 PM


And there are few phrases that piss me off so much as "make every effort". It is apparently just as meaningless as our wedding vows were.

When he emailed that, I knew exactly what he was going to do. At that point, it was a wait and document game.

Another one of his


Afraid2LoveAgain, I agree completely.

I am a former smoker (and took it up for a minute after DDay) but never would I expose DD to it and I go out of my way to make sure she isn't. Smoking was one of my biggest issues with STBX.

We are drawing up an agreement now. I am trying to make sure all the bases are covered. What a dick

Leia posted 2/24/2014 13:44 PM

I smoke. I gave myself permission to smoke as much as I need during this time. However, I NEVER smoke around the kids. I always go outside, and never in the car when they're with me. GabyBaby is right, that probably needs spelled out in the parenting agreement, and I'm more than willing to sign one when the time comes to write ours.

ArkLaMiss posted 2/24/2014 13:56 PM

It's illegal to smoke with a child in the car. Email him and document. If it happens again, call CPS.

littlefoggy posted 2/25/2014 13:27 PM

I emailed him about it.

He says he quit (This is my I believe you face ) He then said that the only person he know who smoke around DD is me (I guess he doesn't know I quit). Then he pointed out my headlights are out. (No, dear. Just one. And now he is trying to turn it around on me. Yay.)

I want to respond.

It would go

Congratulations on quitting smoking. I did myself over 2 months ago. DD will be so lucky to grow up with non smoking parents.

Thanks for pointing out my passenger side headlight is out. I did notice it myself. I rarely drive when it is that dark and your extreme lateness dropping DD off afforded me that opportunity.

Have a great day!

And when you read "great" read it "gggrrrrreeaaaaaaatttttt"

[This message edited by littlefoggy at 1:29 PM, February 25th (Tuesday)]

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