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What a delusional idiot!!! long/venting

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Lost15 posted 2/24/2014 22:17 PM

I honestly don't know what he is thinking but I guess if I knew that I wouldn't be here. Anyway, we have been trying to get a divorce for almost 6 months now and it doesn't seem to be getting any closer. I was willing to work with him in the beginning, although I really didn't want a divorce but didn't have a choice in that. He was unwilling and just had lie after lie, he would have probably been better off had he worked with me then because I was still in a fog. Now I am sick of the crap he is always pulling. My lawyer sends him my proposal, he text me he would like to talk about it and that we could work this out without lawyers, no answer from me. So I receive his counter offer today along with the tax documents so I can file. I get another text asking if I received the documents and the proposal. I say yes I did but I haven't had a chance to look at it, ok I was lying but I wanted it to seem like really didn't have time for him. He replies again that I should take my time and review the proposal and then give him a call so we can talk about it. He says we can agree on everything ourselves without our lawyers and that if I would just work with him the way he has been trying with me it could be over quickly and DS and he could have a relationship again.

All I can say is WTH, you delusional idiot!!! I have tried in the past to work with you and you were too consumed by her and your own agenda to care about me or DS. You thought I would just cower away and take whatever you offered, which wasn't much, and I should be happy with it. You thought I should be happy for you and that I just needed to move on. You are the one who got the lawyer in the first place and filed for D when you said no lawyers and you wouldn't file yet, so I got a lawyer, I can't help that she is smarter than yours. You call working with me changing absolutely every paragraph in my proposal to something entirely different. WTH why would I call you all it will end up in is a fight you f'n douchebag. How the D becoming final is suppose to help your relationship with DS idk. Maybe your relationship hit a snag because you haven't bothered to come see him in almost 7 months. You haven't been to one football or basketball game. You know who is at every one of them, who is at every practice, every doctors appointment, everything, me. But you think because you pay CS it makes you father of the year. I have so much more I could say but instead I'll just stay quiet.

Sorry I wasn't intending to turn this into a venting session but I had to get it out. I just want to scream at him.

myowndystopia posted 2/24/2014 22:28 PM

My STBXWH will get the first look at proposal this week. He is anxiously awaiting it and I'm quite sure he will be changing almost every paragraph as well. It's like they want the D so bad but just like everything else- their terms. Delusional is just the first layer.....

BAB61 posted 2/25/2014 00:17 AM

Yup... although we are no where near D ..I am seeing my L tomorrow to go over the S agreement STBX sent in Jan. Had made copies of tax & Pay statements to make sure STBX was being fair. Gave me great pleasure to say "My L is reviewing it" when he asked if I had signed it yet.

They are CLUELESS! (((Lost15)))

dmari posted 2/25/2014 00:32 AM

He says we can agree on everything ourselves without our lawyers and that if I would just work with him the way he has been trying with me it could be over quickly and DS and he could have a relationship again.
Typical. Controlling AND trying to make you feel guilty AND blaming AND selfish! The part about him and DS having a relationship again infuriates me the MOST!! He wants to tell people "Lost15 doesn't 'let' me see my son." Boo-fucking-hoo. Poor him.

I also wanted to let you know that I received the same plea of "how about we work together without attorneys" bullshit. He DOES NOT have your best interest and would NEVER present a proposal that reflects what you are entitled to.

Bravo on the crickets. He won't "hear" what you are saying anyway and will get a kick out of making you scream at him. Vent as much as you like here.

Lost15 posted 2/25/2014 21:09 PM

Thank you for the responses everyone. I really needed to get my frustration with him out before I exploded on him.

myowndystopia, thats what I really don't understand,if he wanted the D why doesn't he just agree and move on. Good luck with yours and I hope it goes smoothly.


"My L is reviewing it"
That is my favorite line too. It drives him crazy.

dmari, all he has done from the beginning is try to blame me and make me feel guilty. Unfortunately it has worked at times, but I've come a long way since then and it doesn't work quite as well, especially since I send everything to my L. The DS part is what has infuriated me the most, also. He tells everyone I am keeping DS from him and not letting them have a relationship. DS is 15 years old and has a mind of his own.He doesn't need my help to realize dad hasn't bothered to even try to see him since shit hit the fan, but lets blame Lost15, everything is her fault.

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