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Hot Flashes :(

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Clearview posted 2/25/2014 10:53 AM

Calling all ladies who are peri or post menopausal!

Hot flashes. Ok, I expected them, my mum had them. I just didn't expect such a high frequency. I'm getting them sometimes as often as twice and hour, they're so fierce, that you can feel the heat radiation from 6 inches away from my body, day or night with little respite. It's driving me crazy.

Estroven has managed them very well until a few weeks ago. I've just ordered progesterone cream to try.

I don't really want to take drugs, but a couple of sites I read (Harvard Uni, Mayo clinic) mentioned Neurontin (gabapentin) - has anyone tried this?

I would love to hear experiences and tips before I ruin my mattress!

Thanks :)

Pentup posted 2/25/2014 12:59 PM

(((Clear view))))
Hot flashes suck! I have not tried that drug. Did our Dr prescribe the progesterone cream?

The only way it got better for me was to continuously monitor and let my Dr know what was and was not working. Estratest was great, but my dr quit prescribing it because of potential side effects. Took several months to get a new combo that worked.

Newlease posted 2/25/2014 13:28 PM

They were coming every 10 minutes for me. It was horrible. I got a prescription for HRT (Prempro)and haven't looked back. Of course, I'm all for better living through chemistry!


tushnurse posted 2/25/2014 13:35 PM

Be very careful using hormones for menopausal symptoms, if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. Many breast cancers are estrogen receptive so even if you do NOT have a history of it in your family be vigilant about getting yearly mamm's while on it.

My mom had breast cancer, and they ripped the prempro right out of her hands and gave her nothing but a cancer diagnosis in it's place. She was a disaster for a while. She had hot flashes from about age 50-60 consistently, and now at nearly 71 still has occasional ones.

They say that supplementing with soy can help, as well as a good antianxiety med, not sure if it stops the hot flashes or just makes you not give a rip when you have one.

InnerLight posted 2/25/2014 15:10 PM

I have had great success w myself and my clients reducing and even completely eliminating hot flashes with nutrition.
Twice a year a run a group program where we all eliminate caffeine, sugar and alcohol. We increase veg serving to 7-10 a day and have at least 30 grams of protein a day tho most people it's more like 60-100g a day. We also eliminate gluten and dairy. Simple supplementation that support liver function like the aminos glycine and methionine, and herbs like milk thistle and dandelion that are traditionally used for the liver. Women are amazed to find that after a week to 10 days hot flashes are gone.

Even after going back to enjoying the occasional wine or coffee the hot flashes stay low or totally away.

I wish more women understood how nutrition affects their bodies as it would save the suffering from side effects of medications. The main side effect of this type of nutrition program is being healthier overall, not just eliminating hot flashes but having better moods, sleep and energy.

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Newlease posted 2/25/2014 16:30 PM

I know the warnings about HRT. I also know that many, many women have taken them for years with no bad results. I also know some people who have led fairly clean and healthy lifestyles who have succumbed to cancer.

I'm fairly certain that by my age (52), I have been exposed to so many substances that I am bound to get some form of cancer before I die. I just want to enjoy living until that moment comes. So I am taking my HRT with proper warning and having no hot flashes, mood swings, or dry lady parts.

I appreciate people who want to go the natural route. I feel better when I eat less sugar, alcohol, carbs, and caffeine - but they taste so good that I can't bring myself to completely forsake them.


InnerLight posted 2/25/2014 22:35 PM

I understand your decision even tho I went a diff route that worked for me. I wish they would do genetic testing or testing to see how you as an individual metabolize estrogen so that there could be a more individualized risk assessment.

At the very least take b6 w hRt or BC as these meds deplete this nutrient so vital to liver processes, and neurotransmitter balance.

Btw I go off sugar alcohol and caffeine twice a year for three weeks. After that I don't feel attached and it's easy to keep them to a minimum, then they slowly creep back in again. By then it's another 6 months and I repeat the process. I don't feel deprived. I enjoy good food. For the most part it keeps my moods and energy very even. And few hot flashes.

Pentup posted 2/25/2014 23:46 PM

I never planned to use HRT. Family history of stroke kept me from hormonal BC. But surgical menopause changed my mind for me. I would have drank hot lead followed by an arsenic cocktail if it would stop the incessant hot flashes and let me sleep.

I figured HRT was the lesser of evils compared to rotting in jail due to sleep deprivation mood swings that seemed likely to endanger others.

IL that sounds interesting, if I could ease off HRT drugs and into that.... Though the no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol part sounds almost scarier than my rotting in jail scenario.

HeartStings posted 2/26/2014 00:39 AM

My doctor prescribed neurontin for bizarre neurological sensations I started experiencing. It didn't help much, and I packed on 40 pounds within 3 months! Nobody warned me that was a common side effect. I quit taking it completely.

Clearview posted 2/26/2014 09:37 AM

I would have drank hot lead followed by an arsenic cocktail if it would stop the incessant hot flashes and let me sleep.

Amen to that.

Thanks to everyone for the replies, it's good to know that I'm not the only one. I expected them, as I said, I just wasn't prepared for the fierce intensity and frequency. I knew my mum had them, I remember her going outside, midwinter, in her undies to cool off. Fortunately, we lived in the countryside, no neighbours to upset. Lol.

The main reason I want to avoid hrt is that I'm a smoker, although I don't have a family history of strokes or breast cancer. I did switch to electronic cigs for a while, but four D-days in four years messed with my motivation and will power. Maybe my hatred of the hot flashes will poke me back into action :) I also worry about weight gain, I used hormonal contraception when I was younger, but got my tubes tied when I was 28 and my weight problems simply disappeared. I lost 20 lbs almost immediately after the procedure and it stayed off.

I'm very interested in the nutrition aspect. The changes wouldn't be huge, my food preferences tend toward eating lots of veggies and I don't eat a lot of meat, but I will miss my yoghurt and cheese. Perhaps we can reunite in a couple of years. :D No big deal on the caffiene, I don't drink soda, coffee only occasionally. I favour tea - I'm a northern brit, I was raised to believe that tea is the solution to everything from a bad day at work to a natural disaster.

Thanks for the heads up on the weight gain aspect of neurontin. It wouldn't look credible for someone who helps people lose weight to start packing on the pounds, now, would it?

Thanks, once again, for all your replies. I appreciate the time you took. :)

rachelc posted 2/26/2014 09:50 AM

we all eliminate caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

omg, those are the three main food groups!

kidding though, have felt great since giving up dairy, and eat wheat and sugar very sparingly.
does the nutritional stuff help with PMS - not hot flashes? Never had one.

FaithFool posted 2/27/2014 06:06 AM

tea is the solution to everything from a bad day at work to a natural disaster.

A.K.A: Irish Penicillin

I got through M-pause with an herbal blend called Estrologic. If you're on meds, though, check carefully for potential contraindications.

Black kohosh was my friend.

That and the weight room and steam room at the ladies gym. The more you can sweat the better. Sound bizarre I know, but it works.

I would encourage you to quit the ciggies hon, they are NOT your friend.

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