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Trigger vanquished without even trying!

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FindMyselfAgain posted 2/25/2014 11:23 AM

Small and stupid, but it makes me happy! There was a particular band that OW was obsessed with. WH played their music (which we both liked before his A) A LOT during his A. Since Dday, I have triggered every single time I heard anything by The Doors. Heck, for a while I used to trigger whenever I even saw a door.

Yeah, I was that crazy!

So, helping DD organize her room this morning with music blaring....all of a sudden, I laughed so hard there were tears and I almost peed my pants...

Cause the song that I was singing and dancing along to with DD and actually having FUN with was...

People Are Strange by The Doors

So happy that I had to share. And where else but SI would this make sense and be understood?

So, sharing

steadfast1973 posted 2/25/2014 12:39 PM

that's awesome!

Mine... was vanilla. In one of fWH's craigslist ads, he referred to our sex life as "vanilla". I couldn't stand anything with vanilla... I couldn't even bake for months, because all of the cookie and cake recipes called for vanilla extract. I had a full on panic attack while watching TV, because of a vanilla ice cream commercial (granted the commercial had a hot chick sneaking ice cream for a midnight snack in skimpy panties, licking the spoon provocatively, with the tagline "Vanilla Ice cream that is anything but..." )

Thankfully, I can eat vanilla ice cream again... and can bake any cookie or cake!

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