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Is this normal?

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brokengirl37 posted 2/25/2014 15:09 PM

D-day was just over a week ago.I want this M and so does he.

He is doing everything right. Being an open book. He says sorry all the time. Holding my hand, hugging me randomly. Answering all of my questions truthfully even when he has to answer the same question over and over, and never wandering away with a different answer.

We went to the doctor yesterday to get tested for STD's. All went well, will have results within a week. I had a good chat with our doctor and he prescribed me something for sleep, I cant sleep!!

Anyways...I miss him when he is at work, I think about him all day long. I let him please me yesterday, it was tender, and boy did I need that release. But then I cried...he asked me why and I didn't know why? Its just a weird feeling I have never felt before, like I cant get enough of him touching me, holding me...before I would push him away, tell him "no" a lot, and now its just different. Sorry I am rambling I just don't understand it. Its like the A was a wake up call for me too? Does that make sense?

It never really mattered that he touched me before because maybe I really never cared, but now I feel and care so much, but he is the one that cheated? Anyone experienced these thoughts before?

Don't get me wrong I am still pissed about the A and will take a long time to get that out of my head, but its like I need him to show me that he wants me and only me for the rest of his life.

Neverwudaguessed posted 2/25/2014 15:13 PM

This is common and is called Hysterical Bonding. I believe you can read about it in the healing library. You are experience what many of felt after Dday.

Barni posted 2/25/2014 15:19 PM


We've been working on a R for six months now and there are moments when I still cry afterwards. Sometimes out of love, sometimes out of anger, sometimes out of confusion.

Please do read up on Hysterical Bonding. It's something I went through right after DDay and it's very real.

Hang in there.

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