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Job Interview mojo again

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gahurts posted 2/25/2014 20:33 PM

I'm asking for more prayers and mojo for a successful job interview on Thursday. The last job I interviewed for I was uncertain how well it went. They initially rejected me because of a lack of specific experience they were looking for. I wrote back and explained why this was not an issue and that put me back in the running. it came down to the wire between me and one other candidate and the company took 3 weeks to make a final decision. The headhunter and I were able to figure out who the other candidate was and when I read his Linked In profile, I agreed that I would hire him too.

So I fly out to San Jose, CA tomorrow for an interview on Thursday. This is a start up division of a multibillion dollar company. I'll be one of the first 6 or so full time employees to the venture. So I get the entrepreneurial start-up with the security of a full corporation behind me. The opportunity is a good fit and I get super excited every time I talk to someone at the company.

The job will be based in California but I'll be working from my home office and traveling about 50% of the time give or take.

I got feedback from the headhunter that I am in a good position with this so I am really hopeful that things will go well on Thursday. Wish me luck, skill and all other that this comes through.

jrc1963 posted 2/25/2014 20:43 PM


metamorphisis posted 2/25/2014 20:56 PM

mojo for you!! Sounds like a wonderful fit and opportunity!

Jrazz posted 2/25/2014 21:09 PM

Can't wait to hear about it. I smell more G2G's in the future!

Kajem posted 2/25/2014 22:18 PM

Sending Mojo.

Chrysalis123 posted 2/25/2014 23:36 PM


DeadMumWalking posted 2/26/2014 01:17 AM

mojo Mojo MOJO!!!

MovingUpward posted 2/26/2014 04:44 AM

sending mojo

fireproof posted 2/26/2014 05:30 AM

Good luck!

sadcat posted 2/26/2014 06:10 AM

Mojo mojo mojo mojo!!!

ajsmom posted 2/26/2014 09:07 AM

Sounds like a great opportunity!

Sending it all your way!


Exit Wounds posted 2/26/2014 12:35 PM

Sending Mojo and prayers!!!

tushnurse posted 2/26/2014 17:35 PM


InnerLight posted 2/27/2014 23:28 PM

Mojo to you!
Sounds v executing!

gahurts posted 2/28/2014 01:20 AM

The interviews went great. I had some really good discussions that were quite exciting. The people all seem really good and I am excited about the project. There is one more director/ GM that I have to meet with by phone tomorrow (today) afternoon. Then I should hear something within two weeks. The hiring manager told me I was in the top two and everyone really seemed to like my responses to their questions. I did not sense any negative vibes at all during the discussions. Hopefully this is all a good sign and I'll hear something positive really soon.

ajsmom posted 3/10/2014 10:34 AM

Hey, gahurts...any update or did I miss something?

Lionne posted 3/10/2014 17:17 PM

Hope it went well!

Brandon808 posted 3/10/2014 20:53 PM

Much mojo Gahurts

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