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something kind of funny

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eyenight posted 2/26/2014 11:16 AM

I got pulled to a different unit last night at work. The nurse working kept glaring at me and just watching my every move. This is the first time I met her. So when things calmed down and I caught her giving me a dirty look I asked her if she had a problem. She said yeah I dont like you I asked why cause she didnt know me. She said youre Bf gf right I said its none of your business. I keep work at work and my private life private. From what she said she gave bf her number when he and I weren't official yet and he turned her down and didnt take her number.
Bf told me about this situation back in December. Now I had a face to go with the story.
I told the nurse to get over it. You got rejected move on. im here to work so you have get along with me. This nurse is 20 fresh out of school and not a team player. She said whywould he want a cna when he could have a nurse I daisaid its more to it than that. There are many factors as to why he and are together. I said why would he want a bitch when he has someone who treats him great. I told her she acts all high and mighty cause shes a nurse and one point she was s cna. She pretty much cslled me a stupid cna. I snapped and told her she had no idea who she was talking to. I said I might be just a cna. But ive worked medical for more than half your life and a lot of that was doing everything a nurse did. Just because I dont have a rn license doesn't mean I haven't had to do things a nurse does. I was in the service for 8 years and they have different ways of doing things.
I walked away at this point. As the shift went on the nurse was working me to the bone cause she could. I filed a complaint against her she refused to help me with the patients and I didnt know them so I didn't chart on them. She tired to force me to chart on patients I was not familiar with I said no. She wouldnt help me with a lift. So I had to change a patient in bed because I wont use a 2 person lift alone.

cvs2kkids posted 2/26/2014 13:31 PM

Not "Kind of Funny", more like "Kind of Scary".

Make sure HR is aware of a personal issue and that you can't be on the same shift.

Also, you should not have engaged her there, quite unprofessional. If another employee heard that going on, both of you could have been reprimanded.

Good luck.

Catwoman posted 2/26/2014 18:10 PM

She was unprofessional, but you were even more so. Calling her a bitch? Really? This isn't junior high here.

I would learn to disengage from these situations and to not give people fuel for the fire. Unfortunately, if you go to HR, it will look exactly like what it is: a cat fight. And if they see it that way, you will either both be ignored, both be reprimanded or they will believe her because she was the RN on shift.

Haven't you had work issues before? If so, maybe it is time to take a step back and look at how your behavior and reactions may be fueling some of these issues.


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