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Thought I'd make it through February, but no...

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FaithFool posted 2/26/2014 15:51 PM

The flu finally found me. And my boss. The same day.

Woke up yesterday feeling like a ninja had kicked me in the throat. Went to work and made it through ok.

This morning couldn't really talk, and only slept three hours.

I called her and she answered with the same froggy voice. Gah!

We are a department of three, and number three is currently in Mexico, so we went in for the morning and powered through piles of paperwork and phone calls to cancel everything for the rest of the week.

Home now, on the couch, body aches kicking in, time for the hot Epsom bath and the tylenol.

Glad Breaking Bad finales are on Netflix.

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somanyyears posted 2/26/2014 16:14 PM

..sorry you are dealing with the flu..

..puking and the runs are bad enough on their own... but together ..

..i was so lucky to avoid getting it.. as I had visited an old friend who exhibited the symptoms last week... had to rush out of the room twice while i was there..

..I had hugged her and given a peck on her cheek when i arrived.. she had had no symptoms that she was ill prior to my arrival.. after her second rush from the room, she said immediately.. smy, I think I've got something.. you better get out of here right away.. no goodbye hug for you.

..I was flying out early the next morning for a vacation.. I could have easily been barfing and all for this whole week.

Thank God i didn't come down with it!

..ff..hope you bounce back quickly.. once this thing runs its course..


FaithFool posted 2/26/2014 16:18 PM

no puking yet. it's more of a head cold type deal.

but thanks for the heads up!

; 0

jrc1963 posted 2/26/2014 17:15 PM

I think there are two flus this year... One puking and barfing and the other more sore throat, cough, fever and such.

I got the coughing one.

My principal got the puking and barfing one.

tushnurse posted 2/26/2014 17:22 PM

OK speaking as a medical professional here.

Barfing and puking, and shitting yourself to death is not a Flu. That is just GI stuff. More often than not from bad food, and secondly a virus. This is not the same deal as the real flu.

The real flu is body aches, high fevers, rigors, and wishing you were dead for about a week, and often leads into an URI, or pneumonia.

Please learn and know the difference. The Flu will hospitalize and kill you. The GI bug will just make you wish you were dead.

This is why getting the Flu Vaccine is so very important.

If you have had these sypmtoms less than 24 hours call your Dr and get some Tamiflu, it can make it a whole lot more tolerable, and allow you to get back on your feet much more quickly.

tushnurse posted 2/26/2014 17:25 PM


It sucks getting this. I had my kids get the flu (H1N1) this years most common version of the flu several years ago, and I thought I was going to loose my mind. Two teens wishing they were dead with fevers over 102, was painful.

I hope you are taking care of yourself and drinking lots of fluids, and contacted your Dr for some Tamiflu. It does help in most cases if started within 24-48 hours of it starting.

Make sure you really pamper yourself. Last year I got my shot too late, and was actually getting sick the day I got it, and ended up with pneumonia. IT is NOTHING to mess around with. If you are feeling bad enough at home to question if you should be at a hospital then you should probably go.

I will be sending good SI mojo and prayers of healing your way.

(((and strength)))

jo2love posted 2/26/2014 17:46 PM


DD has a cough and a scratchy/sore throat. I hope you feel better soon. Sending healthy mojo.

FaithFool posted 2/26/2014 19:04 PM

You guys are the greatest. My neighbour across the hall is a doctor at the clinic down the road. I may request a house call.

I generally just ride it out when it arrives. The bath and the nap I just had really helped. I have nowhere to be for the next few days, and have everything I need, so if I start getting a fever I'll check in with her.

metamorphisis posted 2/26/2014 22:01 PM

I hope you feel better soon FF. I don't have the flu, but I do have a head cold with fever that kicked my ass this week. Fever, body aches etc. But not as bad as people with the flu explain it. Just a nasty cold. I've been a mouth breather for two days. I hate being a mouth breather.

FaithFool posted 2/26/2014 22:33 PM

Get better.

fraeuken posted 2/26/2014 22:40 PM

FaithFool, make sure you see a doctor if it persists or gets worse.

Caught the flu this year and felt like I was not going to rise again the next day. Started with a head cold, then a dry cough, body aches, fever etc. Finally hauled my sorry behind to the doc and they gave me meds even though I was past the initial 48 hours of symptoms. Helped a little but I was still out from work for a week.

It took about 3 weeks to recover from just feeling 'blah' and a dry cough that kept me up at night.

Take good care of yourself, lots of fluids!

FaithFool posted 2/26/2014 23:30 PM

Thanks. I'm drinking tons of rooibos with lemon, honey and cloves. It's my favourite tea when I'm sick.

Fever is not too high, and I'm heading off to bed for a long sleep.

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Sad in AZ posted 2/27/2014 00:01 AM

Feel better soon!

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