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Is it really possible or an excuse to walk away

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Broken69 posted 2/28/2014 06:04 AM

My H had an almost year long affair with a 28 year old co worker 17 years younger than him. He is 45. She pursued him for a year prior until thr friendhip became more. He was depressed and we were starting to grow apart as he works 2 hours away and left Mon and came home Fri. He stayed on a cot in his office most nights but im sure now there were many at her place too. I found out about affair in Apr 2013. We decided to try to make it work. He promised no contact except when only necessary at work. I noticed texts and calls randomly until July which I confronted. He still kept his phone and computer locked and got upset if I questioned him. I think he wasnt romantically involved but didnt let her know it was over as I read 75 texts one day where she realizes he is working on things with me the whole time and it explained why he had been so distant for a while. Things were going ok from that point until 6 weeks ago when he got very angry bcus I was quiet one evening and he asked what wad wrong and I said nothing. He said his gut had a very bad feeling. I repeated I was good and he just snapped. Said he couldnt live like this always feeling like he had to look over his shoulder worrying I knew something else or thought something else. Said when he looks st me he slways wonders what im thinking am I still suspicious and mistrusting. Told his therapist he cant live with himself for what he did and the guilt is killing him. He left 6 weeks ago and is staying with his mom. Says he needed space to fix him and his volital anger b4 he could fix us. He hates who is and has become. Now he says he wants a divorce bcus I wouldnt give him space. By texting, calling, pleading And begging has pushed him away more as all we do is argue. Is this at all possible or was it an excuse for his freedom. Hoping one of you that have been in his situation can make me understand.

SI Staff posted 2/28/2014 06:13 AM

BSs are not to start threads in this forum. Please use the ICR forum, BS Questions for Waywards to ask questions of the waywards.

Thank you.

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