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snuck up on me

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ladycody posted 2/28/2014 14:03 PM

So my we've been watching the John Adams miniseries from was incredibly well done...but the end was sad by normal standards...and then there was my response. I got watery...shed some tears...then wound up absolutely sobbing with the realization that I may never really have the comfort of knowing that our relationship is as stable as what was portrayed between John and Abigail valued by my husband...the type of relationship I once thought we had. I used to feel safe and secure in the strength of our relationship...and was overwhelmed by loss. To my husband's took him a few minutes to understand what was going on...but he realized without me saying a word and just took me in his arms and let me cry it out. Didn't see it coming at all....but at least was able to take some comfort in the fact that such relationships do exist. Historical accounts confirm their devotion to one another. I just hate that our relationship is tainted now...

steadfast1973 posted 3/1/2014 13:16 PM

I cry so easy now. It's like I am on empathy overload. I watched a documentary about Tonya Harding, and cried for her!

I found myself uncontrollably sobbing after Toy Story 3. Like... Hyperventilating sobbing... I'm a teary snotty mess.

It was the same after Dday1. I think it's so much pain, it will find any excuse to come out.

This shit ain't for the weak, I'll tell you that!

Morhurt posted 3/1/2014 14:00 PM

I pretty much gave up tv, movies and non self help books after DDay as everything makes me cry. It's awful. My h was sick last weekend so we decided to watch a movie in bed, silly me chose a chick flic. I bawled.
On the other hand my H had watched some kid's movie earlier in the day and felt so touched by a father/daughter relationship that it made him cry.
We've become (temporarily?) sappy and extra emotional people. We called it leaky that night. But it's ok.
Feel it friend. :)

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