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I just want them gone!!

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Dreamboat posted 3/1/2014 16:06 PM

I am sooo sick of having workers at and in my house. I am having a lot of work done on the outside plus replacing a couple of windows and doors. and it has dragged on and on because of the weather -- it is currently a week behind schedule of finishing. It has been going on for almost 3 weeks now. Not everyday, but most days. And when they are here I feel trapped and my dogs ARE trapped in a bedroom upstairs. The project manager has not been communicating with me as much as I would like and he got the schedule completely wrong this past week. Workers did not show up on a couple of days I expected them to and did show up on days I did not expect them. And this morning they showed up at 7:30 AM! Thankfully I was already awake because they needed access to the house. No one told me they would need access to the house today. The only 2 rooms where I feel comfortable is in my study (with the blinds closed...) and the one bedroom where the dogs are holed up (with the blinds closed). I do not feel comfortable cleaning the kitchen or the living room or doing laundry which are my "Saturday chores". Enough already!!! gah!

Just venting, no advise needed.

As soon as they are gone I plan to 1) take the dogs out; 2) take a shower; 3) go to zaxby's

Dreamboat posted 3/1/2014 17:56 PM

So, this whole thing has been a comedy of errors. A switch of project managers at the last minute, delays due to weather, they hit an electric line with a nail and wiped out the electricity in my kitchen for a day (thankfully I was home for that and plugged in the fridge to another outlet.

and now?

I just discovered they painted the shutters and door the WRONG color!! Whoever ordered the paint ordered 7615 instead of 7675 and so they are Sea Serpent blue rather than Sealskin Black. OMFG!! The only saving grace is that the blue looks pretty good. If I want it fixed then they will fix it, but the look on the head painter's face when I told him it was wrong, I felt sorry for him. He spent all day painting the new windows and doors.

So tomorrow DD and I will take a look at the house in the sunlight and decide if we prefer the blue or the black. If we stick with the blue I am going to ask for some money back.

But the good news for tonight, they are cleaning up and will be gone soon. They worked 11 hours today trying to finish up the painting.

sad12008 posted 3/1/2014 20:21 PM

Ugh, Dreamboat! I hate tradespersons' invasions to the point where I do as much work as I can around here to avoid it! Just having the dogs cooped up is enough to drive one a bit crazy...don't know how you've done it as long as you have, because I went nuts just dealing with 2 days of guys doing our roof.

That's something about the color! Don't let someone's chagrin influence you though (not that you would necessarily); remember you have to live with it for a while. That said, I hope you and your DD decide you love the 'wrong' color so you can have your free range home back!

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