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Sold my wedding ring and...

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marlie2014 posted 3/2/2014 21:10 PM

The guy I sold it to actually asked me for a date!

Now, he said he was helping out his future b-i-l who had already been conned once into buying a fake diamond for his bride-to-be, my buyer's sister. So since I had advertised my ring on craigslist he came to see it and asked if we could go to a jewelry store.

I acquiesced and we went, and the jeweler verified that yes, it was indeed a real diamond and a very good one at that.

So the man decided to buy it, but beforehand he asked me to dinner. LOL I said I wasn't hungry, but he insisted so I agreed to a soda. We went to the nearby food court (jewelry store was in a mall) and while I sipped a coke, we chatted a bit. I explained a little (certainly not all the gory details!) about getting a divorce from my WS and how the sale of the ring would help pay my legal expenses, and he did the typical "but who would divorce YOU" bit.

Then he finally uh-ummed, "Are you...seeing people yet?"

I answered that no, certainly not while I was still legally married and probably not for a long time after that.

He looked crushed.

But after he paid me (from an ATM, so I could see that the money was real, too) and walked me to my car, he asked me out again, and I said no.

Next day, I got a text from him that asked if we could at least be friends, as I had "really made an impression on him."

Um, dude...I've been separated from my WS for exactly four months, I'm still married, and you seriously want to keep asking me for a date?

Heck to the no!

I got a terrific kick out of it, however.

As long as he wasn't actually buying it for his own girl, that is. I don't think so, but after having been married to such a terrific liar for so long, I find myself second-guessing men and their motives these days...

BAB61 posted 3/2/2014 21:30 PM

I, too, would be questioning his motives ... but still a nice ego boost, eh?

mixedemotions posted 3/3/2014 01:54 AM

I could so easily be wrong, and I hope I am...totally don't want to take away the fun that you got from it, but just feeling compelled to warn...

He seems a bit pushy - insists on doing something when you say you're not hungry, walks you to your car despite being strangers who met on Craig's list, asks you out again, then texts to ask if you can still be friends?

There's always a chance you genuinely did make that deep of an impression on him. I believe in men or women being that interested in the feeling they get after meeting someone that they want to make sure to give it all their effort....but...I'm just worried that it could also be something totally different, like maybe he thinks women selling wedding rings are vulnerable and this is the beginning of manipulation?

Please just be careful. Seems like you set a clear boundary and are not going to date him, but he has your number and saw your safe for one, and for two if he keeps calling/texting I think I would ask that he respectfully stop contacting you and then block if he doesn't. My instinct doesn't like the sound of this

marlie2014 posted 3/3/2014 14:56 PM

Ah, thanks but don't worry too much. That was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from him at all. Seeing as how I live in another country, he would have a hard time finding me unless he stalked me at work. He hasn't texted or called me since I answered his text with, "I wish you well in your future."

In other words...bug off, buddy. I'm not interested.

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