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Dreamt I cheated on SO and dreaded telling SI friends!

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InnerLight posted 3/3/2014 11:28 AM

Well that was a weird dream. God knows what it means.

I was sleeping with SO IRL last night too, and really enjoying having him close after a period of being apart. We had had a very peaceful evening.

In the dream I lived with a woman, we were roommates and shared the same bedroom like we were in a college dorm type situation to save money on rent.

I had a girlfriend stay over and fell in love with her. She was someone I used to know IRL, a beautiful delicate Danish blond woman with an accent. I wanted us to be lovers and we slept in the same bed. My roommate was furious with me for having her over.

Then I realized I would have to break up with SO and I dreaded telling him. Then I realized I would have to confess to my SI friends that I was now a WGF and I dreaded that too.

How crazy is all that?

Sad in AZ posted 3/3/2014 11:37 AM

Dreaming about what we fear OR desire is fairly common. I can understand the discord, though, because my dreams are rarely that lucid--more like Salvador Dali than Lifetime Movie

I had a very lucid dream last night, but it was something I desired rather than feared. It woke me up wondering too... Must be something in the air.

Crescita posted 3/3/2014 12:28 PM

I have really mundane dream fights then wake up angry because they felt so real. It makes no logical sense, but even in a dream world you can't control normal physiological reactions like anger, fear or guilt.

BAB61 posted 3/3/2014 13:22 PM

Is it something that you would do IRL? If it's not I would just let it go. Dreams can get really wonky. I had a dream that I had a

BAB61 posted 3/3/2014 13:24 PM

Is it something you would do IRL? If not, then I don't think it's something to worry about.

My dreams can be really wonky. I woke up the other day and I had dreamed about my new BF .. and I even knew his name!! He took my daughters and I to a local ballgame. I am not even dating!

caregiver9000 posted 3/3/2014 13:25 PM

I am glad I am not the only one who views SI as my living conscience!

There are many times when I think "I can't wait to tell SI!" and the times when I think, "uhhh, I don't want to tell SI..."

InnerLight posted 3/3/2014 14:21 PM

It's not something I would do IRL at all. I think it is more a reflection of a collection of inner personas I carry: the roommate who was mad, the pretty Danish woman, and me as the lover and betrayer. The SO is a persona too in the dream. SI is of course my conscience. The one that will not let me get away with, 'it just happened!'.

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