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Why does the bad guy/Monster always win??

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teeghan posted 3/3/2014 18:06 PM

For those that have been following my story you know it has been really crazy. I am in a battered women's shelter, he then files for custody of the kids AFTER getting all these charges on him including cruelty to kids x 2 and the list goes on and on.

Well the bastard had me ARRESTED illegally and on a bogus warrant for child abandonment. YES our legal system arrested ME for child abandonment even though I have FULL custody of my children and I had to sit in jail for 6 hours and then bond out with $500 cash with the help of parents.

On his warrant he said I was not providing proper shelter for my children. HE DID NOT tell the judge were we life. He did not tell the judge the story NOR did they ask. He gave the judge a mailing address of HIS HOUSE to send the hearing notice for me to defend myself. And gave his mailing address as his parents. So the notice for the hearing date went to his house. I did not show up in court and so they take out a warrant.

My attorney could not get the judge to pull the warrant back even though they admittied it was illegal and now he faces charges of false swearing and lieing under oath among a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime of basically having me locked up while he filed emergency papers in juvenile court to get kids saying I was in jail and unfit and he did not wont the kids in "dfacs"

So yes while my attorney gets my bond back, and gets all this taken care of, I right now sit with a arrest on my record all because of this asshole who keeps getting away with anything and everything. It is NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over our legal system. I am so over it.

On another note, my kids and I hope to hear back on an apartment approval Wednesday and be able to move Friday. Please cross fingers and pray that all goes well. WE need it! It is a gated very nice community that has alarms in the apartments, and I now work so I am ready. I have appreciated all the battered women shelter has done for me but we are ready to have a home, and a life again even if it is looking over our shoulders still.

His trial is set for next month but my attorney said expect to hear his attorney get a continuance for now which stinks........ But oh well. I am just taking it day by day...punch by punch....and someone how still have the will to fight all though there are days I want to give up....... but I wont for my kids.... I will fight until I am not here to fight....

Anyways I just needed to vent. Life is just so unfair sometimes. His agg stalking charge did not stick because the judge felt it was a FINE LINE of agg stalking. I just again love our legal system.

sunsetslost posted 3/3/2014 18:09 PM

Keep fighting!!!

Keep us posted. Fingers crossed. Prayers said. Get yourself settled and then NAIL HIS ASS TO THE WALL

BtraydWife posted 3/3/2014 18:17 PM

He's not getting away with it and he doesn't always win. Yes it's horrible that you had to go through that and ridiculous that it will take time to correct but see this as his best try to get you back. You know there is no low he won't stoop to.

I agree with sunsets-Don't stop fighting! We are all behind you!

The apartment sounds great! How wonderful it's gated and has alarms. I bet you're really excited and so are your kids! ((teeghan))

Skan posted 3/4/2014 12:42 PM

I wished that you lived closer. I'd volunteer to go to court with you as support. Frankly, I would consider writing the bar association with a complaint about this "judge" for not pulling an admitted illegal warrant back, and then I would follow it up with a call to your local news station's consumer advocate/court watcher. That would be SOME juicy news story and might get the legal system to get off of their asses. I am simply furious for you!

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