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emdr therapy

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lostinthesouth posted 3/3/2014 19:39 PM

Just started emdr and "tapping" therapy last week. Using that along with smelling, or touching, or listening to a certain sound to change my focus when I trigger. Seems to be calming my anxiety a lot. My question is--maybe the veteran SIers will have more input-I haven't felt this good in the 6 mos since dday. Is this just part of the roller coaster and I am just climbing up only to be blasted down sometime soon? Has anyone else done this therapy? Is it all in my head that I think it helps? I keep thinking that something is going to hit me hard and to prepare myself. WH has been doing what he needs to do and more. Maybe the change to a new MC and IC and the new therapy is just making me feel good for the moment. I hate to be so pessimistic because I know we have a long road to travel. Guess I should just enjoy the calmness I have right now. It feels good to be in touch with my kids again and even WH-even if for a couple days. Ill take it!

StillGoing posted 3/3/2014 19:44 PM

It may be the roller coaster, but EMDR therapy is about as effective as CBT. They're both the go to treatments for PTSD.

Hope you keep feeling better.

knightsbff posted 3/3/2014 19:58 PM

EMDR helped Knight but the therapist told him (and he found it true) that it helps at first then things get worse before they get a LOT better.

millienotboo posted 3/3/2014 23:47 PM

I did EMDR for a long time after the A. It began helping almost immediately. Every time I'd discover another trigger I'd bring it up to my IC and we'd work through it. I'm telling you that it saved my sanity.
I did have some very rough sessions that would leave me jittery, hyper aware and weepy for a few days but those helped me the most.
A year or so ago I found my DD nearly dead on the toilet after a drug overdose. I had to give her mouth to mouth while she lay naked on the bathroom floor. It was, of course, a horrible thing to go through but just understanding that I could get to my IC and have a session allowed me to concentrate on the matter at hand. Once she got out of ICU and into rehab I went to my IC and said "take out the board (my sessions are a light on a board) this is a biggie. That session allowed me to keep my head, sleep, eat properly and gain the strength I'd need to get through the weeks and months ahead.
I really do credit it with saving me.
My triggers and mind movies about the a and my dd overdose decreased and even disappeared since I've started it.
Enjoy that help. Mine didn't come back at all (at least not so far, 5 years out)

lostinthesouth posted 3/4/2014 16:34 PM

Thank you all for the replies!
@StillGoing & knightsbff I am so praying for the roller coaster to slow down!! At his point I'll take whatever it is as long as it works and just be aware that it may be temporary-and pray that it really doesn't get worse!
@knightsbff worse like close to dday worse?? Did knight go back to all the old triggers or new things triggering him?

@millienotboo so sorry about your DD--I couldn't imagine. You are one strong lady!! My IC uses the light board as well--I am hoping it works as well for me as it did for you and not temporary-I am feeling better than I have in a while and I don't want that feeling to go away. I feel like I can actually function without being crippled by triggers

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