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spartanburg65 posted 3/4/2014 20:57 PM

WW and I planned to take the 2DS to Disney this past weekend. On Wednesday everything came to a head with me trying to find out when A started while in MC and WW stormed out and threatened to kill herself. MC told me to keep pushing WW on the details. WW came clean that afternoon about everything and we went back to MC after hours that night. We agreed to go ahead to Disney with the MC making me agree not to talk about the A. Best thing ever!

It was very difficult on my part and I cried myself to sleep one night, but it made me realize that we can get back to a new normal. My boys loved it and WW got a break which was needed though not deserved. I feel like we really can make it.

The break from talking about A was good for me and for us. I journaled a little bit and we talked about my thoughts when I got home. I would recommend a break to everyone in R if possible

bookjunkie posted 3/4/2014 21:13 PM

I totally agree with this. H and I already had a vacation with the kids planned when dday happened. The trip was about 6-7 weeks later and we were both emotionally drained We made an agreement not to discuss the A and only focus on US during that week. It was good to "put it away" and gave us a chance to catch our breath (emotionally) to continue toward R once we came home.

We have done this a few more times since then and it always makes us more determined to R and remind us of why we were attracted to each other to begin with.

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