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Mediation progress...thoughts??

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Gajit posted 3/5/2014 09:21 AM

Not over-joyed, he has agreed to give me the house, the truck, $1600 a month for 10 years, and pay for my cobra insurance for 36 months. Let's see if he actually follows through with his lawyer. I won't sign off on it yet.

Supposedly he got laid off. As for the lay-off? He is probably lying, because if they really laid him off they would take back his cell phone and the company truck. I asked him how long the layoff is, he said maybe a month. Why should I believe him now? Frankly, I don't.

He also said some stuff to me about our relationship, i.e. we couldn't get back together because you would always throw it in my face. (Hello, you can't just make a complaint and expect the person you complain to, to fix everything on their own you dickwad. It takes two people to work on marital problems.) I told him I definitely didn't want him back because I just don't trust him and am moving on regardless.

Then he got pissed because I said he isn't getting any of the tax return. I have used almost all of it to catch up on bills and shit he was supposed to pay, so suck it douchebag. He actually wanted me to go pay his lawyer HAHAHA! NO WAY JOSE!

devistatedmom posted 3/5/2014 15:19 PM

Remember to stick to your guns on what's important to you. You don't have to say yes right away because the mediator says ABC. You are allowed to get it checked out. You are allowed to say no, I don't like that, we will come back to that, move on to the next topic please.

Just know you can get through this.

Gajit posted 3/11/2014 21:00 PM

It's been a week and I haven't heard ANYTHING!

Can't contact stbxwh, goes to voicemail. He was so anxious to settle out of court. Now, nothing. ugh

Our trial date is getting closer and wtf. No one will call me.

I am working now, minimum wage ($7.25/hr.) for 20 hours a week if I am lucky. Granddaughter is beligerant as hell. I am becoming a bitter old woman.

This just sucks.

Gajit posted 3/11/2014 21:07 PM

I know my story isn't as "juicy" as others who have posted, and I am in the older age group on here. I guess I was just hoping for something. Maybe I just don't know what.

Ugh, I am done.

dmari posted 3/11/2014 21:22 PM

(((((Gajit))))) I'm sorry you are feeling understandably frustrated. I don't know why nobody has gotten back to you. I would assume he would have his lawyer type it up and then give it to you to go over (hopefully with your lawyer) and then sign off on it? Maybe he is changing his mind? When is your trial date?

devistatedmom posted 3/11/2014 21:48 PM

What happened in mediation Gajit? Did it go well? Did you agree on anything? Were you expecting a settlement offer?

What did your lawyer say?

Don't give up. We are here to hold you up. You are almost there....keep going!!!

ArkLaMiss posted 3/11/2014 22:24 PM

Gajit, don't let em see you sweat. Prepare for trial and see if they fold. He's an asshole, but you already know that. Also, get or try to get proof abt his layoff. If he's lying, you need to know.
Hugs. You're almost there.

Nature_Girl posted 3/12/2014 00:15 AM

We didn't mediate. Didn't really negotiate, either. We fought through our lawyers, then fought via the custody evaluator, then fought in court.

I don't know if what you're describing is fair.

And I'm old, too.

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