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I'm knackered...

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FaithFool posted 3/6/2014 19:08 PM

My boss and I both got The Virus last Wednesday.

We were off half of last week and closed Monday as well.

Worked Tuesday and Wednesday pm and evening, like madwomen trying to catch up, still while quite sick.

Worked today, actually did manage to catch up.

Still a bit of a cough but the fever is diminishing, and the alien appears to have vacated my sinuses and moved on to greener (ick) pastures. That's the good news.

But I'm horizontal on the couch now and have to go to class tonight because I've missed a few. It's movie night, the prof is showing a really old movie about Jack the Ripper, so it won't be terribly taxing.

But holy crap I'm knackered...

So glad my weekend starts tonight!

purplejacket4 posted 3/6/2014 19:15 PM

Is that Canadian for "tuckered out"?

purplejacket4 posted 3/6/2014 19:16 PM

Cuz otherwise I think you're pregnant.

griefandrelief posted 3/6/2014 19:19 PM

I know knackered from British slang is very tired. :)

jrc1963 posted 3/6/2014 19:21 PM

Oy... FF. I feel your pain!! Literally!

I haven't been able to get this cough to disappear... and now my nose is completely closed up and I can't breathe...

I'm sorry you're "knackered"

FaithFool posted 3/6/2014 19:24 PM

Hehe, you guys... that would be an immaculate conception if there ever was one.

Hope you're better soon jrc. My nose is clear thank goodness.

What a week.

Here's the movie, it's called Murder By Decree, fabulous cast from 1979:

Wonder if he's going to trundle in a VCR and show it from the original cassette....

It will be fun to watch the kids roll their eyes.

[This message edited by FaithFool at 7:28 PM, March 6th (Thursday)]

somanyyears posted 3/6/2014 19:33 PM


I now know you're knackered but try not to get your knickers in a knot!


tushnurse posted 3/6/2014 19:34 PM

Well hell I totally got that wrong. I was thinking knackered sounded fun like tipsy.

The flu this year is vicious. Please take the time to allow your body to recover. Don't force yourself to do too much yet.
The cough hangs around for about 6 weeks. Be sure you see your Dr though if you are still running fevers after 7-10 days That indicates a secondary bacterial infection and this year it has been pneumonia more than just the standard sinus infection.

InnerLight posted 3/6/2014 21:14 PM

Well FF I'll join you! I had a bladder infection then one day of feeling healthy again which was joyous. Then a virus. Low fever sore throat. I am rarely sick! I hate canceling on my clients but I like to keep my germs to myself.

I am NFX streaming The Returned, a French zombie tv series.

I'm knackerred too!
( I forget knackerred isn't an American English word) Canadian mum, went to school in England for 5 yrs so it seems normal english to me.

FaithFool posted 3/6/2014 23:10 PM

It's one of my favourite Britslang words. Back on the couch now. Going to sleep most of tomorrow I think.

Thanks Tushnurse for your knowledge and concern. From what I've heard, this one got past the flu shot this year... it's a doozy.

Get better everyone!

InnerLight posted 3/8/2014 14:57 PM

I am still knackered and getting tired of it. I hate feeling tired. Tired of feeling tired.

Few other symptoms. Scratchy throat, little congestion. FATIGUE.

I feel like a big whiney baby, but I've been taking care of myself with rest and healthy food, anti viral nutrients for several days and I'm getting fed up.

Back to bed. This too shall pass... Soon please.

FaithFool posted 3/8/2014 15:10 PM

You just have to accept it and rest until your energy comes back IL...

Getting mad at it doesn't help.

I actually roused myself to do laundry yesterday! Several trips to the basement and back with naps in between.

That was all I could handle before dinner at the pub down the road. I had Guinness for medicinal purposes and the vitamins.

Fever is finally gone, so expect this one to run just about 10 days. The cough will hang around awhile longer.

InnerLight posted 3/8/2014 18:04 PM

No cough, no congestion - thank you Chinese herbs - but the fatigue is unreal. The effort it takes to stand up I hope it doesn't take 10 days!

You're right I have to surrender.

FaithFool posted 3/9/2014 16:57 PM

How is everyone doing?

Sun is shining, I went and booked a car for an hour to get groceries for the week.

10 min walk there and back. One trip up the stairs with the bags.

Back on the couch now and not moving until tomorrow.

Still tired and lungs are not up to full capacity, so I'm going to rest and read.

Looking forward to getting back out there at full speed, but I'm willing to wait and not push this.

Back in the day they would put you in the sanatorium for a nice rest and some pampering after an illness before you had to tackle the world again.

I'm rolling with it.

InnerLight posted 3/9/2014 20:21 PM

Just finished Day 5 of it, and still exhausted. Again no stuffiness or cough although my throat is still scratchy. Mostly bone tired. I will have to cancel on clients AGAIN and I feel bad about that and a little worried about money but have to trust it will all work out....

jrc1963 posted 3/9/2014 20:37 PM

Still coughing... still stuffy... still tired.

InnerLight posted 3/9/2014 21:11 PM

((((jrc))))) (((((ff))))) (((((fellow sickies)))))) totally feeling your pain

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