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Blue Jasmine

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persevere posted 3/6/2014 20:40 PM

This movie was heavily awarded this season, so I rented it, but it was not quite what I expected, very different, and honestly, not my type of movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but does anyone else have an opinion?

Jrazz posted 3/6/2014 22:48 PM

I watched it. Cate was good... but definitely not my type of movie either. I thought the Dallas Buyer's Club wouldn't be my kind of movie either but it was pretty good.

persevere posted 3/6/2014 22:53 PM

I plan to rent Dallas Buyers Club next but I'm hoping it will present better than Blue Jasmine. I was tense the entire movie - every scene was tense and awkward. And not in a good cinematic way.

really trying posted 3/6/2014 22:54 PM

I have it for this weekend and have heard mostly that people love it. ?

ETA that I don't like to be on the edge of my seat the whole movie so now I don't know

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persevere posted 3/6/2014 22:59 PM

I'm interested to hear your opinion really trying.

Rebreather posted 3/7/2014 10:50 AM

Well. It's a Woody Allen film. And not in the good Midnight in Paris kind of way.

I also thought Cate was good, and very, very good at making you not like her very much. Which considering she's Cate, it's a feat.

I thought the movie was very good and well done, but it isn't one I'd want to watch over and over again.

brooke4 posted 3/7/2014 11:47 AM

I thought she was fantastic, but I hated the movie. Really hated it.

I found it charmless, not very deep, not funny and totally unsurprising. I also thought all the Brooklyn/New York guys stuff was totally off and made no sense in a movie set on the West Coast. I felt the dentist subplot was completely pointless, and there were some very unpleasant class/socioeconomic stereotypes (at both ends of the spectrum).

Can you tell I didn't like it much?

LydiaE posted 3/7/2014 16:31 PM

I liked it and watched it a few times!

It is sad and highlights the cyclical nature of ALL of the characters in the film, minus the stepson.

I'm not sure why people were on the edge of their seats? It was a sedate movie with a few humorous scenes.

really trying posted 3/8/2014 20:56 PM

I liked it, it kept me entertained. I felt bad for all the characters.

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