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ProbableIceCream posted 3/7/2014 13:16 PM

Lately I've set my router to cut off Internet to my devices after a certain time in the evening, and I put away my phone. It's nice. I can still read or watch a movie if I want, but it gives me solitude and more connection to myself. More memories/feelings surface. A little bit meditative, I suppose.

HurtsButImOK posted 3/7/2014 14:06 PM

That sounds like a great idea PIC.

InnerLight posted 3/7/2014 22:25 PM

That's a great idea. How do you program the router to turn off at a certain time?

I think I need to cut it off at night, but it's hard to pull the plug - I guess that's the internet addict in me - it would be easier if it was automatically programmed.

ProbableIceCream posted 3/8/2014 05:45 AM

Depends on the router, but most of them will have an access restriction or parental control section or you might have to go to tools -> schedule, or just schedule. I might be able to say more if I know the model number. :)

Also I think there's software that'll do it on a PC if the router thing doesn't work (e.g., rescuetime I think?).

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