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Is this normal

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hurting901 posted 3/7/2014 13:42 PM

It has been one year since our DDAY, I still have uncontrolable rage at times, I have been on depression meds for the entire year, however I dont feel any different. I feel like nothing matters anymore, my WH keeps saying I have to remember the good times but everything good about what we once had is invalid. I try to focus on our future but I am stuck on the A. I feel as if I wasnt enough, our family wasnt enough for him to stay faithful, and now all of a sudden we are his world. I feel like a fraud because I am trying to teach my teenage daughters that men who really love you will respect you and your relationship but yet I stay with a man who didnt respect me. I sometimes feel like i am loosing it. we meet with a new counselor next week as the one we were seeing was not meeting our needs, but sometimes I feel like it is hopeless and i will never get over this... anyone has encouraging words

MovingUpward posted 3/7/2014 13:55 PM

It is hard not to get down on yourself and think that you won't get over it. But you can. Each day you can take a little step forward. It accumulates and soon you've made some great progress.

Along with teaching your kids about being respected they also need to know about forgiveness. His cheating was wrong and if he continues to disrespect you then maybe that is the time to teach your kids the disrespect lesson. If he is remorseful and making retributions then the two of you have taught your kids about remorse, atonement, and forgiveness. So don't get caught up too much as you can always find a lesson to teach. Focus on stepping forward each day.

I hope this new counselor will suit your needs.

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