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Talented Or What??!

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Dobegirl posted 3/7/2014 17:45 PM

He is so damn smart ...yeah I'm bragging

[This message edited by Dobegirl at 12:36 PM, March 8th (Saturday)]

Waiting4Daylite posted 3/7/2014 17:47 PM

No, the "X" is pretty small.

Dobegirl posted 3/7/2014 20:45 PM

I think I got it now W4D lol

Waiting4Daylite posted 3/7/2014 21:34 PM

You Got It!!!!!

Oh the look on his face says it all! "Really Mom, this again?"

nowiknow23 posted 3/8/2014 12:14 PM

I still can't see it.

Dobegirl posted 3/8/2014 12:21 PM

Ugh! I need help with this picture. It'll only show for a little bit and then it disappears. And its a very large picture...what the heck am I doing wrong?

Dobegirl posted 3/8/2014 12:36 PM

OMG I think I finally figured it out..I think lol

nowiknow23 posted 3/8/2014 12:47 PM

I see it! OMG - so cute! And obviously talented.

Dobegirl posted 3/9/2014 09:00 AM

Thank you NIK

itainteasy posted 3/12/2014 08:17 AM

So pretty!!!

Williesmom posted 3/12/2014 08:27 AM

He's gorgeous.

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