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WH Attempting To Build Trust

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TheBestMe posted 3/7/2014 20:42 PM

This goes back to the other day when OW sent angry text demanding that WH see her today. He had a meeting in Manhattan this morning. AP lives in another boro; but after close to a decade together she knows that this meeting takes place each month. AP also knows that career wife is busy working (not a project hood rat) therefore he'd have no excuse not to see her. After all it has been more than a year of NC - and WH did (he claims in error)open the door to a conversation two weeks ago. This must have given her hope of starting back again.

H breaking NC sent me off the rails. My response to the discovery was not pretty. I reminded him of what would end this M. Sometimes he just doesn't believe that s--t stinks unless you stick his nose in it. The manner in which I delivered the reminder made it clear and unwavering that I meant business. The two of them could ride off into the sunset together. But they would be riding on the bus because I was prepared to go all out in D. My H knows that I do not say things that I don't mean. I need him to walk the walk toward rebuilding our friendship.

In the past after the monthly meeting, H would not get home to the suburbs until 9:00. He always claimed to be working late. I accepted that as normal because there are times when attending meetings interferes with my schedule and I have to work late. Today was different between us. H called and texted me throughout the morning. WH was so concerned that I would think that he was with AP this afternoon, that after the meeting he high tailed it home.

I thanked him for considering my feelings. The thought that the A could start up is always in the front of my mind. In fact, today I had even thought about taking the 90 minute ride to the pj's to see if his car was there. I have to talk to my IC about that Well, I guess it is going to take a long time to shake the need to I SPY.

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